2. Channeling Versailles

I had classes all day yesterday. It wasn’t particularly nice weather outside, and I was feeling really ‘blah’. So I dressed up and went to University. Whenever I put on a really nice piece of clothing/outfit I instantly feel better. I treat dresses like most people treat jeans - as part of my everyday wardrobe. 
This is one of my favourite dresses. I saw it a few years ago in TopShop Oxford Circus, but they didn't have my size left anywhere. I was so gutted we couldn't find one. I’ve been after it for two years, but we’ve never come across it, then last year it cropped up around Christmas time. I asked my dad to get it for me for Christmas, which he agreed to - huzzah!. Cue a vicious ebay battle, where I sat on the phone to my ebay expert friend nervously – and the dress is now mine :) (thank you for putting up with my freaking out and the ebay pep talk Katie!). I love Ceilia Birtwell prints. It reminds me of something from the 17th Century with the white tights and style of shoe boots.
The sleeves are so extravagant and over the top, and the fabric so delicate! There's also a really pretty button detail on the back.  I think you can tell I love this dress!

The shoe boots are vintage, from London, which I’ve had for years. I think they're actually a size 6, but with an insole in, they fit my size 5 feet fine. There's detailing on the shoe, which you can't see unless up close to them.
I adore them, definitely one of my best buys to date. I felt like something out of the 17th century in this outfit, complete with the white tights. I just needed a wig! 

I don’t really like wearing watches on my wrist, and found this necklace watch on a Market stall when I was 17, and I’ve had it ever since. The clock has stopped and I really need to get the battery replaced, but it doesn’t stop me from wearing it. 

I think people in my class are used to me going OTTwith my outfits now. I stuck out like a sore thumb among a sea of denim and hoodies, but what the hell. I felt really good yesterday because of this outfit. Excuse my awful hair, by the time I got in it’d been raining and my naturally curly hair had been blown to bits after a 15 minute walk from university. 

In other news, I've just seen this new music video from my favourite girl crush Paloma Faith! Check it out below. That woman is fabulous, no argument.

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  1. I like the French court reference in this outfit a lot. The colour of the shoes is perfect with the milky white of the dress. Have you ever read Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution? http://www.amazon.com/Queen-Fashion-Marie-Antoinette-Revolution/dp/0805079491
    It's a truly illuminating book, about how Marie Anotinette's fashion choices were her sole means of influencing politics. The colours were all symbolic as well. That's not a great synopsis, but it is a fantastic read.
    Your hair colour is lovely by the way!


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