04. Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my mother and stepmother! It's a shame I'm so far away from them at the moment. I called my mum to inquire after the card I sent her, and she hasn't received it, which is odd - I sent one to my stepmother on the same day and she received it the day after. If it doesn't get there it'll be another epic fail by Royal Mail. Nice one. 

What is it about some Sundays that make them seem to drag on endlessly? I'm all for lazy Sundays, don't get me wrong. It's just todays seems to feel like a day where no one in my house can be bothered to do anything. Lucy's boyfriend, the father of the house is cooking us a Sunday roast today. Mmm yummy.

I suppose you can think of it being like the calm before the Irish storm. By this, I mean 'Gold Cup Week', which begins on Tuesday. Cheltenham practically becomes a mini Ireland. If you live/work/study in Cheltenham you have to give yourself a good hour before you'd normally leave to come into the town because it's chock-a-bloc on the roads. 

My first year here was a definite eye opener. I've never seen anything like it! It's good for business though, especially in light of the recession. As well as my other job, I'm working a few days at the race course just to earn a bit of extra pocket money. I'm quite looking forward to having the extra bit of money next month. I'm going to save it until I see something I really want to buy. 

I saw a pair boots in Company Magazine's High Street Edit - they're from Faith, and are on trend in the style of workmen's boots. We're not getting them in until May time, which is a bit frustrating. If I can get them on my discount, then it's better than dropping £60-£70 odd quid on the ones in River Island or TopShop. Grr. I guess I'll just have to keep my eye out for a cheaper pair to hold me over until they come in. Joys. I hate it when this happens. I'm thinking of getting these instead. My manager has them, and they look better on than on the website. Gorgeous:
I bought this dress from TopShop the other day:

And I have my eye on these beautiful gem's from TopShop for the next few months as well:
For me, they've got some really gorgeous nude coloured dresses in this month. Out of everywhere I've looked on the high street, TopShop and French Connection have the best nude dresses. I like New Look and Dorothy Perkins, but prefer them for basics, unless they release a dynamite dress - as they tend to do once in a while. I'm a bit of a high street snob. 

You might be wondering what my entry title has to do with this entry at all. Bare with me, I am getting to it.

Dragonheart is on ITV2, and it has Jason Isaccs in it, and David Thewlis. Now, the former and latter are both one of my all time older man crushes. I adore Jason Isaccs and Alan Rickman. I'm pretty sure they're ultimately it for me. Forget about RPatz, it's all about the more vintage gentleman. Something about the way they speak make me go all tingly, in a good way. Interesting to note that they both play stellar villains, and are in the Harry Potter series funnily enough. Well something has to make Emma Watson's over the top eyebrows worth while. 
..Phwoarr.. I don't think I've ever been envious of a bathtub before!

I'm off to watch the rest of Sex and the City with my housemates - and on the above note, Chris North is a beautiful looking man too. 

Ciao! x


  1. i absolutely adore the nude trend. SO beautiful! love your blog!

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