05. Hunting for a Maid of Honor Gown

On September 8th 2010 my father is getting married. I've got my dress - I found it in one of my favourite vintage shops - The House of Pandora in Cheltenham. I popped in, and as always, when I explain what I'm looking for they always deliver and give me lots of great options or suggestions. I decided I wanted a pale green dress, and I wanted it to be either a wiggle dress or floor length and romantic.

I just fell in love with it when I tried it on. I bought that belt I wearing with it too - but obviously, not to wear to the wedding! I need to get it taken in at the bust - the original owner was a bit more well endowed than I am it seems. My accessories are going to be pearl. Now I'm just trying to find the accessories and shoes to go with the dress, as well as deciding how to wear my hair - I'm thinking either a loose up-do, or just wear it down and naturally curly. 

The biggest problem I'm having at the moment is finding shoes. My dad's girlfriend said she bought some for me, but if I don't like them not to worry. I already have an idea of what I don't like and what I like and want to buy. Since they said I had full control over what I wear - I don't want satin shoes, or a clumpy heel, and no - absolutely NO diamante detail on the shoe on the shoe. As the colours of the wedding are this kind of green and a pale, pale pink and white - I'm thinking either shoes to match the dress, or a nice pale nude coloured pair with a killer heel. 

I'm hoping I'll find something when I go home for just over a week on Thursday this week - which I literally cannot wait for! Home cooking, my beloved double bed, friends and my cat. All the sites I've looked at online haven't really inspired me much. If you have any suggestions for nude coloured high heeled shoes that aren't ridiculously expensive, that I could wear again, please let me know! I'm thinking either a peep toe or closed round toe - something to encase my feet. I really don't like feet, so I'm avoiding strappy sandal kind of heels - they never give my enough support on my feet. 

I keep seeing this advert on television at the moment. I think it's so adorable. I love the colours and the way it's been shot as well.

Ciao. x


  1. I love that advertisement! really great blog, I love the idea behind it. Vintage is an obsession, and it needs to be shared!

  2. I love that advert too ... and the new specsavers that takes the pee out of lynx.

    And I love that dress too! At first I was like 'hmmm, isn't that a bit long?' but second look, it's very grecian-influenced, if that makes sense? I have to admit, I've got a burning desire for dresses right now. I've got this peach tulip style dress from new look with grey flowers on, and I've ordered this dress from joe browns, it's got blue sections on it and a corset back. both are knee length - I'm too short for floor length and not slutty enough for thigh-length/bum-length.

  3. That's a beautiful dress, I really like the pleat-ish detail of the bottom half!

  4. I love the dress..the details and the color are fantastic...


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