09. Victory Rolls

Recently, I've been developing a bit of an addiction to watching videos on youtube showing how to create 'vintage' roll hair styles. I'd badgered my mum to teach me when I was home a few weeks ago, but somehow, we never got round to it. 

Now watching the videos, I understand the basics. Roll, never let go of said roll - one hand must always be on it, use hair spray - however much you feel you need and have lots of bobby pins handy. I was messing around with my hair yesterday and managed to do a slightly scruffy roll.

I did another one today. Now, while I do feel I resemble one of the Who's from the film 'The Grinch' today, I do like it. I decided to finish it off by pinning my hair in a bun - not a clever idea when you're at work all day. It was a relief to take the grips out when I got in! The girls at work did say they liked it and that it looked pretty though, which was nice of them. 

For me second attempt I don't think it's too bad either. With a bit of dedicated practice - i.e. not tomorrow when I WILL be working very hard on assignments (yeah...of course I will!) I should be able to get this down to an art. I like to think.

I worked all day today - my assistant manager went home because she was ill. I didn't mind staying on - especially when my manager told me she'll till train me next week. I'm a bit too excited about that. I like tills far too much. I think it's a control thing. 

I'm completely shattered now mind you. My work shoes are comfortable but I'm going to buy some flats next time I'm in, so I can swap them over. Running up and down stairs from shop floor to the stock room with a heel is not the nicest way to treat your feet methinks! 

I was going to tidy my room but I think I'm going to get an early night and hopefully get up early-ish tomorrow to de-clutter my room, and then crack on with these assignments. I always work better in a tidy space. 

Posts I intend to put up before next week will be the oh so popular 'What's In Your Handbag Post', the first 'Style Icon Post' and on Tuesday - as on the Monday I'll be too busy hassling my housemates for photos of their outfits and guzzling lots of wine before we head out, another batch of the '100 Outfits of 39PS'. 

If you have any questions about clothes or something random feel free to use my Formspring to do so, located on in the right hand side sidebar or click HERE.

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams for when you sleep Friends x

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