07. Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Sunday to all! 

I hope you are having a lovely few days. I was at my mother's yesterday and earlier today, before she went to Dublin for the day. We went to Pizza Express for dinner and then spent the evening curled up on the sofa watching films and snacking on junk food and left over pizza. I love my mum! She also cut my hair, and my hair extensions to a more realistic length - on this note, I have been asked many time where I got my hair extensions from by various friends so I thought I'd do a bit of pimping for the site as well! I bought my extensions from Lush Hair Extensions, in 33- Dark Auburn. I've recently had my hair dyed a lighter red/ginger and they still match really well. They're clip in and are human hair. If you want good quality clip in extensions I'd highly recommend this site.   Pictures will be taken at some point and posted of my newly cut and coloured hair if anyone is remotely interested. It's ironic that my cousin is a natural redhead and has been dying her hair for the last few years and I am trying to achieve her natural, gorgeous red hair. 

I bought Bright Star: The complete poems & selected letters of John Keats yesterday. I must confess, although I am not the biggest fan of poetry, Keats is properly one of - if not, my favourite poet. His skill of merging language and creating fantastical imagery is wonderful to behold. I could gush about Keats all day, so don't be surprised if you find quotes dotted in coming entries - aside from my uni reading, it's all I'm going to be reading for the next month. 

I'm currently at my dad's house, staring at the scrumptious Green and Blacks Milk Chocolate Easter Egg they got me. It's almost the same size as my head, which fills me with an almost fantastical glee. I didn't expect one
 this year - but I'm so happy they got me on

I can smell the chicken cooking in the oven downstairs. I love that smell - when it seems to fill the entire house. It's such a homely smell. 

It was my darling Papa's birthday on the 2nd, but Blogger was throwing a paddy so I couldn't post my birthday wishes here. So this is my belated best wishes to a wonderful, stylish father. Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration to not be afraid to be different. 
I love you very much, you dapper young man!

I'm off out this evening with my old college gang. I can't wait. It's (hopefully) going to be a good night all round. We're pre-drinking at my mum's and then heading into town. I can't wait to have a giggle with the girls and Jack - out lone gentleman of the group. I'm hoping he creates more crazy dance moves tonight!

I'm spending bank holiday Monday with my mother, and then I'm heading back to Cheltenham on Tuesday. I wish I could have spent more time at home, but it's been lovely, it doesn't matter that it was only a flying visit. I'm not sure if any of my housemates will be around when I'm back, but my friend Emily will be around so I will not be on my own, thankfully!

I've been lax on the outfit posts of late, I promise I'll be back to making more of an effort once I'm back at uni! 

Once again, Happy Easter!

Ciao x

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  1. i had lots of fun reading this. great story, cool editing (you look pretty!) and you have such a gorgeous dad! happy easter!

    p.s. wanna exchange links? :)
    fashion atelier.


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