08. New Do & a Haul

I returned to Cheltenham yesterday. My dad's girlfriend took me back, which was very kind of her. We had a lovely day traveling back and stopping in Burford for lunch. 

One of my favourite places in England is Burford, which we pass whenever I'm traveling to and from Cheltenham on my way home. 

It's a beautiful medieval market town - pictures of the town are not mine, I got them from: this website, and it gets quite a lot of visitors in summer and during holiday periods. I love it. Possibly because I've been going there since before I started university and I never tire of it. It's like a treat to be taken there. Anyone who knows me well will know that's I love history, and I like to wander around old towns etc. 

I normally go with my dad, and we don't spend too long there. Jeanette and I discovered lots of little shops up alleyways that I didn't know existed, which is nice because one of my favourite independent boutiques closed down earlier this year due to space rent issues. However, now I have found these new shops - and a vinyl record shop for my dad, I am once again happy. Not that I was ever happy not to go to Burford. 

While there, we found a shop where you can sell on your clothes and the shop takes a percentage of the price, the name for what you call these shops escapes me at the moment, I'm sure it'll come to me later. Anyway, I digress. While there I spotted this bag. 

Another girl was looking at it, pouring over it with her mum, trying to decide between it and a green bag. In my mind I was chanting 'put it down.. put it down!' - and luckily for me, she did put it down. I swooped like a bird of prey and snapped it up. It was selling at £45, and we got it for £36 after a hard haggle by Jeanette. I've never seen another bag like it - I doubt it's rare, but I don't really care. This will serve me well over the next few months, and is big enough to double as a holdall if I go away anywhere for a few days!

It's quite battered on the stap but I had fallen in love with it, so as it's as low as they would go I agreed - and Jeanette surprised me by saying she'd buy it for me on behalf of her and my dad as they hadn't got me an easter present. So I came away with a  Green and Black's Milk Chocolate Easter Egg and a gorgeous Vintage Satchel! 

I also purchased on my travels back to University, a lovely delicate cotton nightie from a shop on the way in to Cheltenham coming from Chalton Kings called Latchfords. My dad's girlfriend also loved that shop - all gorgeous house accessories, mirrors, jewelry, throws, pillows and nightwear. I chose a white cotton one as I said. 
I tried on the small, but it was too tight across the bust, which is a shame because it fit everywhere else. I bought the medium which is slightly looser on the chest and in most places but it'll shrink the more it gets washed. I was surprised because it looks quite big, but when it's on it doesn't give much at all, very deceptive! It's versatile enough to put a slip underneath it, and belt around the waist and wear when it's warmer as a pretty summer dress too. 

While in Burford I also bought a freshwater pearl bracelet and some clips with ladybird's on them. 

I love lady birds. In the film Under the Tuscan Sun there is this quote: "Listen, when I was a little girl, I used to spend hours looking for ladybugs. Finally, I'd just give up and fall asleep in the grass. When I woke up, they were crawling all over me." I think this is where my obsession with ladybirds started. I love that quote. I've been looking for these kind of clips for a while - and for 15p a pop I bought ten! Excuse my old woman hands! They're extremely liney - my grandmother and mother both have them, so I'm assuming it comes from my Scottish side of the family. When I decide what to do with the clips I will post a picture. I have something in mind.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I got my hair dyed when I was home. The perks of having a mother who is a hairdresser, no? I went through a lot of stages as I had a band of colour that was too red, so it had to be cleansed so it matched the ends of my hair. Then they washed it out, dried it off and put the colour all over it. I based the colour off the hair Nicola Roberts has on the fake eyelash packaging, as it resembled the colour my other girl crush, Paloma Faith has. So here it is in the stages that they did it, starting from the colour example.
And then they put the colour on, end result.

My university summer ball is on May15th. I brought the dress I'm going to wear back with me. It was given to me as a present - I've had it for a few years, and it's from the Rokit shop on Shelton Street in London. I adore it, but I've never had anywhere to wear it. As most of my good friends are finishing this year I see it as a the perfect occasion to break it out. 

I also brought back with me a make up book by Bobbi Brown that I left at home last time.

I had a nice nearly two weeks at home. I do wish I could have spent the all of easter there, but I have to work and I have a lot of assignments to crack on with. Phew! This entry took me a while, due to becoming distracted by facebook chat and Enemy at the Gates on television. I love Jude Law and Joseph Fiennes. Both beautiful looking men, and so talented at their craft. 

I hope you've had a lovely evening. Over and out.

Ciao x


  1. Love the new hair color! :D

  2. That bag is amazing! Also, Burford has the best sweet shop ever! Lovely place


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