11. Housemate Details - Date Night

I'm quite tired today. I did a lot of Uni reading this morning, and then I worked this afternoon. There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day today. I got in just after six, and the last three or four hours have disappeared in a blink of an eye!

So, not a very word heavy post today. I've spent my time since I've been home cooking Bolognese, going to the corner shop, watching 'Embarrassing Bodies' with Marin on the sofa and generally vegging out. I'm not even looking at my reading tonight. Far too tired. 

My housemate Laura went out for a romantic dinner with her boyfriend 'Jampot' - we all have nicknames for the significant other's in our house.
I love the colour of her top! It's a sheer fabric, which makes it very light and floaty to wear. She teamed it with a black body con skirt, opaque black tights, a black blazer and black heels.Chic. 

I like to make an effort with my outfit when I go to work - although I really couldn't be bothered to tame my bird's next hair and left it scruffy. The blessing about having naturally curly hair is that even when you've put straightening cream through it, it will always resist and curl/go wavy!

You can't see the shoes very clearly, but I bought them today for work. I needed something flat - they have a cushioned sole, which makes wearing them a really comfortable experience. They did start rubbing on the side of one of my toes but this can easily be solved by buying some plasters OR if I want to be a really good employee and help my shop I'll buy some Relief Spots - which might be more practical than plasters. This how the shoes appear on the Faith website.
I've got work tomorrow too, so I'll try and get another outfit post up before I knuckle down to do some work before some friends come over to watch Britain's Got Talent and eat Dominoes. I'm off to continue my slovenly behavior now with Marin and Tom, we're now watching 'Supernanny', and then bed!

Goodnight! x


  1. hahaha your friend is so cute! :D and so are you!
    Jampot lololololol what are the other nicknames? <3

  2. Why thank you cherub! Haha well we call one of them 'Father' and another 'Wessel/Wesley/Weasel/Wesypoo'. I can't remember what our nickname for Jamie is at the moment :o x

  3. I absolutely love the color of your dress here. So cute! I'm really happy I just found your beautiful blog, and am excited to follow! Loved your post below on Gene Kelly. Men used to dress so chic ;-)



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