12. Vintage Haul

I hope you all had a very good day today. I got a chunk of my coursework out of the way - now waiting to hear back from my interviewee for their answers and I can hand this bad boy in. My politics essay is getting off to a roaring start too, two days before it's due in! I really need to plan more efficiently. . .

My outfit today - it was lovely and sunny again so I went for a ditzy floral print. I have a spot that's just appeared since this morning in between my eyebrows and nothing seems to cover it. I'm so paranoid about it. Will have to put some toothpaste on it before I go to bed to help dry it out. Lovely.

For my feature article due in tomorrow I did a profile on one of my favourite shops - The House of Pandora in Cheltenham! I've had some friends say it's over priced, but for what they stock I actually think it's very reasonable. I was paid last week, and I had a bit of money left over from my student loan after I paid my rent and then put a bit aside for the summer months. I got paid the week before and was biding my time for a good retail session. 

I bought this gorgeous vintage Burberry mac that I've been lusting over since Christmas. I didn't want to pay full price for it though, and said if it was still here on loan day I'd get it. I got i for half price which is really good! It'll be perfect for summer evenings and autumn days!
I also bought three dresses - two 1950s dresses. I wanted some blue dresses because I don't wear the colour much, but it works well with my skin tone and hair since I've dyed it. I also bought a cotton sun dress for those hot summer days - it'll look super cute with a little jacket thrown over the top of it I think. Because I bought the dresses she knocked money off the overall price too!
I bought two belts for £6 each too as I'm trying to increase my belt collection. This top is a victorian blouse and will look great over a camisole. The blue top was a steal as well, buried within the sale rail. I love the neck details!
Not the best pictures but I couldn't be bothered to put them all on.

My housemates Lucy (Mama) and Lydia also bought some new items of clothing over Easter, so I pestered them to put them on so I could post them on here. 

I love Lydia's River Island dress. It's adorable - she got it in the sale. I swear, I never see items this good in the sales where I like. Then she is from London so it would explain why she got that dress for a bargain price of £20. I've forewarned her that I will be borrowing it at some point this summer.

Lucy, the hot mother of the house has embraced the harem trend and bought some in grey. I really like this outfit - it's so chic! The colour pallet works really well too - mixing the harems with the neutral/nude colour pallet that I adore. She's one fit mum doing it for herself! Just to clarify, Lucy doesn't have any children of her own - she's the oldest in the house, hence us calling her 'mama'. 
I swear that girl has legs up to her armpits! So unfair! Tiny waist and legs that go on for days. Lucky cow :)

I got a vintage 1940s silk kimono that I've put in to get repaired - it's gorgeous. I can't wait to get it back and post a picture up. It's literally divine. 

I'm going to have some dinner and get back to the books and this blasted essay. 

Ciao. x


  1. I love the almost tie-dye dress, and the floral print! And Lydia's dress too. Wish I could wear dresses more ... I keep epilating and my legs are covered in spots from ingrowing hairs. Urgh.

  2. I absolutely love vintage clothing! You got some great buys there, I'm so jealous. I've always wanted to try going for a more vintage style myself, but I don't have a good eye for it. Plus, I'm not quite sure I'll look all that great in it. Also, I gotta say I absolutely LOVE that last outfit. I now have a need to find an exact duplicate of those pants!

  3. Those are some amazing vintage finds!

  4. Hope you'll take part in Elements Magazine's jewelry contest! You just have to answer two questions!

  5. The Burberry jacket is exquisite!! Great finds!


  6. I love all the outfits in this post! Especially the tiedye dress ♥


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