13. Bachman's Sparrow

Hello! I'm taking a quick break from slogging my guts out over my last two assignments of the academic year - I'm so close to the end of these beastly assignments!

The lovely Maria from Bachman's Sparrow has just posted up an interview she did with me for the new feature of her blog! I adore Maria's blog and follow it regularly, so if you haven't already checked it out - you definitely should! Go see it now before I poke you with a sharp pencil ;)

I'm flattered she chose to INTERVIEW ME for part of her blog and mine is the first interview up - so go check it out dears :) Thanks once again to Maria!

I'll post a blog update later. I'm thinking of doing the oh so popular 'What's In Your Bag' post. 

Until then my cherubs. 

Ciao x


  1. congrats on your interview - i love her blog too!

    so glad to have found you... following for sure. xx

  2. very exciting! congratulations!


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