14. poppycoburn won a competition!


You know when you always enter competitions just because? You never think you'll win, and are never surprised when. . . big shock. . . you don't! Turns out, that doesn't always happen! I am one of the two winners of ELEMENTS MAGAZINE's Lushae Jewelry Contest!

This news has made my day much better as, if you didn't already know, I work for Faith shoes, which went into administration last friday. I spent most of my shift today scanning and removing all the shoes that have been recalled to our supplier. Sad times. Especially since it's like three quarters of our stock! The amount of customers that have been sad about it possibly (at the moment looking more than likely) shutting down has been surprising. The amount of times we get asked if we're moving and then we have to explain and then get bombarded with questions that we don't know the answer to is frustrating beyond words. I'm having to look for another job now as well. Great. Employ me, some lovely retail company, please?

So this news really cheered me up. I'm going to mull over the choices and then decided in the next day or so! Thanks again to Elements Magazine and Lushae Jewelry for making my day! The question is, what do I choose? 

Ciao Cherubs! x


    That gif is beyond adorable. I hope things work out for you! (:

  2. Congratulations!

    Gotta love the gif! It's very cute. It's 2NE1 right? :P

    Anna@Elements Magazine


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