15. Life Lately

I'm not sure what it is about a company going into Administration that turns people into more bloodthirsty, rude, destructive customers, but it's very annoying. And bank holidays. Our shop isn't very big as it is, and there were five of us working today. It's redeemed slightly by the fact we were paid double due to it being a public holiday!

After deliberating for while, and then asking my housemates for their input, I have finally decided on what to choose my prize from the competition I won (from my last post): Antique Fleur De Lis Pendant  
I can't wait for it to arrive!

I'm modeling for Lucy tomorrow for her FMP pictures; Lydia is too. It should be fun, she's making me up all psychedelic. Exciting! 

Paloma Faith is performing at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival tonight, and I'm so gutted I can't go! I'm completely dead though. Rubbish that my girl crush is so close and I can't go and fangirl all over the place!

In work related news, Lucy got me a job at the bar she works in. My first job was behind a bar, so it's something I'm sure I'll fall back into with ease. That's the plan anyway.. Faith finds out if they've been bought out on Friday or not. Fingers crossed, eh?

I'll be in full revision mode on Wednesday and then my last exam is on Thursday at 1:15pm eeeeeeek! I'm going home that evening by coach and will be at home for a week. I can't wait! Home comforts, my own big double bed and my kitty cat! This makes me very, very happy!

Ciao Cherubs! x


  1. That's a gorgeous pendant. The fleur de lis will always remind me of our neighbors the Quebeckers, but it's really nice.

    Ohh, post the pictures from the shoot! (:

    And sweeeet, going home is always exciting.

  2. My parents would never let me, but I've always thought that working at a bar would be interesting :D

  3. darling, just because you are at home now it doesn't mean you should slack off your blog! more posts please:) xx

  4. Hello lovely, I have left n award for you on my blog xoxo


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