16. Bad Blogger

Hello! I have not, believe it or not, dropped off the face of the Earth. I went home for a week and was so busy spending time with my family and friends that I was lax with my blog updates. Terribly sorry, I'm a bad, bad blogger :( 

It was my university summer ball yesterday. Roll Deep and Feeder were supposed to play. Feeder showed up, and were really good, but Roll Deep didn't even show up. How bad is that? 

I never know how to feel about the Summer Ball. On the one hand, it's really nice to spend it with your friends and as a finish to the academic year. On the other hand, I always wonder why we pay so much - for the ticket, the drinks, and go to the pa-lava and stress of looking for THE-ULTIMATE-BALL-GOWN-THAT-NO-ONE-ELSE-WILL-HAVE. Ultimately I had a good night, but I don't know. I do feel slightly cheated. 

All the pictures from the ball are on my housemate's camera, so once she uploads them I can post the outfit pictures here (Lydia if you're reading this, I mean you!) 

I bought an app for my iPhone from the app store called 'Hipstamatic' - which makes fantastic quirky photos using different 'films', 'lenses' and 'flashes'. I took advantage of it and got Lydia to take a pretentious looking photo of me in the vintage kimono dress I wore - which turned out to be a smart idea, as I was warm all day and night. I managed to stop it getting too damaged, but someone did stand on it at one point, but the tear is quite small so it won't be an issue to repair.  

I'm now going to catch up on my blogs and chill for the rest of the evening. 

Ciao Cherubs. x


  1. But I love that photo of you! :D Good buy! HAHAHA.

  2. Hyped! Anyways, thanks but LB send me a message saying my photo will be deleted soon since I didnt follow the rules aka full body photo. :(

    Youre pretty.

  3. I love your dress! Kimonos are my favorite. You look amazing!



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