17. Egg's birthday & a New Job

Yesterday I had one of the most surreal (but really lovely) days. I was doing a CV drop around town, as y'know, no one bought Faith so it closed down *cries* anyway, I hit everywhere in town and then popped into Toast. No, not the food. The shop. Now, I don't know much about brand, and it only opened last year in Cheltenham. 

Somehow, I ended up having an impromptu interview with the manager and was invited in to do a trial hour today. As of 4pm, when I left the shop, I am now officially an employee of Toast. My contract doesn't start until June 21st - which is good because this means I can work at Slak and work Royal Ascot and then start right after that, making my pay packed for the end of June quite nice. 

I got to pick out my first bit of uniform which I won't get until just before I start, which is fair enough. I chose black high wasted tapered trousers, and a top which is actually the top part of a tankini, in teal with white spots on it, and a short sleeved cardigan in a gorgeous blue. I've been wanted to get trousers like that for a while, and I really like it. 

The vibe in Toast and all the staff seem so lovely. I'm so thankful that they've taken me on - and it goes to show how caring about your appearance can result in fortuitous situations. I only wish someone had been around to take a photo of it.

It was Laura's birthday night out yesterday, and I borrowed her denim shirt and body con skirt to try a new look. I normally steer clear of denim - I think it looks great on other people, but it's not something I like for me. This is my take on it, using my friend Kieran as an accessory. I quite like it.
Ciao cherubs! x


  1. Congartulations Darling! Toast is fabulous! i'm jealous xx

  2. You totally rock that jean shirt, and don't ever think otherwise ;D so jealous!
    Congrats on the job, I'll have to google Toast because I don't think it's here in Canada :/ bummer

  3. Soooo jealous you work at Toast!! :) I'm forever perusing their website since we don't have their stores in the states. Best wishes! (good for you!!) And you do look fabulous!


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