19. Having a clear out

I started to clear out my wardrobe yesterday and got rid of so much stuff, but it doesn't even seem to have made a dent! Lydia took a blue dress and a skirt off my hands, while Marin took a handful of dresses. It's nice to know someone else will get use out of them.

I bagged up the rest of the clothes that were left and I intend to drop them off at a charity shop tomorrow morning on my way into town with Lydia. 

She's asked me to help her build a new wardrobe in the style of Zooey Deschanel because she loves her and has uber cute style. I'm happy to help, thankfully I have no money at the moment so I won't be temped to spend anything. She's secured an internship at Proud - working at the Camden gallery. Well done Lydia! 

I'm thinking vintage/500 Days of Summer inspired wardrobe. This is going to be so much fun to put together! I'm going to Gok her. "It's all about the confidence gals! You look fabulous!" - though I think that'd get very annoying after a while.. maybe not!

While clearing out my wardrobe I came across a dress I bought in a second hand shop in London a couple of years ago. 

I completely forgot I had it, and wore it today because I fell back in love with it! It's by Tiger of Sweden, and is a lovely pale green colour with gold edging. It turns out that Tiger of Sweden is quite a high end retailer - my housemate googled the brand and the clothes are pretty pricey! I bought it for £25 at the time, so considering the cheapest dress on the site is £159 it was a steal! Please hype me on Lookbook!

My mum came up for my birthday a week or so ago, and while here she cut in a fringe too. It's always nice to get a slight change!

Lydia was wearing a t-shirt and legging combo today which I thought was really cute. 
The t-shirt is a print that is apparently an 'internet phenomenon' - see here for more information: 'Three Moon Wolf'. I think it's a really cool casual look. 

Rawwwwr! Watch out cherubs, Lydia's gonna getcha!

I'm intending to take lots of pictures tomorrow - or so I hope! Depends how much Lydia will let me..

I'm going to hit the hay in a bit, I was packing things up today and then saw my dad around 4ish. He bought me dinner and then left this evening. It was lovely to see him! He's coming up to take me home on the 24th June. That.Is.SO.Close!

I'm getting quite sad as it's getting to the point where we only have just over two weeks left in the house together - it's approaching far too quickly for my liking! I'm going to stop thinking about it and watch the rest of Desperate Housewives! 

Until tomorrow then cherubs.. Ciao.x


  1. omgz. love that t-shirt.

  2. I want her wolf t-shirt! and btw, thanks for the b-day wishes!


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