21. Restyling Lydia

This post is basically going to be a catch up of everything that happened between just before going to work at Royal Ascot up until now. I'm going to try and keep it as short and relevant as possible as I want to go and sit in the sun (while wearing factor 50 mind you!) and hopefully when my dad gets back from Bournemouth later he'll take and outfit post for me as I haven't done one of those in quite some time.

Ascot was busy as usual, although compared to last year the Wednesday was so much quieter. It was very odd. There were some fantastic hats, and as you would expect, some atrocious ones! I think the worse ones I saw was a cross between a zebra and a frisbee and one that looked like the woman had maimed a ostrich for it's feathers. Exactly.

I did speak to one woman who came with her friends. They were all wearing vintage hats that had belonged to her grandmother who had been a milliner. She had taken a course in it and updated them slightly. They were fab! I wish I could of taken a picture of them but alas I was working as a lowly steward.

When I came back I went shopping with my housemate Lydia to get her some clothes for her up and coming internship at Proud Galleries in Camden. It gave me a chance to flex my wannabe styling skills and try and find items tailored to what her style crush Zooey Deschanel would wear. Not the easiest thing to do with Cheltenham's High Street.

I took her to The House of Pandora which if you've been following my blog is a shop I essentially live and breathe for. Louise, the owner told me she's working on getting a new website up and running soon so I'll now doubt write a spazzy fangirl post about it!

We found two dresses in there, don't you just love the floral one? I feel it deserves another close up.
This printed tea dress is just gorgeous!

What I like about both of these is that you can dress them down or up - and they'll work all year round with the right accessories!

We tried to pick items that reminded us of '500 Days of Summer', but not sticking strictly to it per say. I wanted to get her dresses that were vintage inspired and some tailored shorts or trousers in a neutral colour, which we found in Oasis, and teamed with a nautical breton striped t-shirt from New Look.
I love those shorts so much I bought a pair myself!

I moved out of 39PS on Thursday. I was the first to leave and I cried on and off all the way to Oxford. I'm really going to miss living with all those girls! We had a crazy night out for our last night together on the Wednesday night. For some reason I decided to sleep in Lydia's room despite having my own bed and her having a single too! We decided to wear white t-shirts out that we'd customised and throughout the course of the night wrote on. When the girls get their pictures up I'll definitely post them here!

I'm now going to flit between sitting in the sun, chasing the neighbor's adorable cat Velcro out of my house (he's such a wretch because he eats all of my cat's food!) and watching 'Who Do You Think You Are' when I get too hot and need a break!

I hope you have a lovely day cherubs (and if it's sunny and hot where you are remember to use plenty of sun cream!)

Ciao! x

P.S. Check out this great blog my friend just started recently. Give it as much love as you can please :) Katastrophick!

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  1. I feel sad to hear that you left! ): I hope your new place will be awesome though :D


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