I want to be as effortlessly chic as Clémence Poésy. Girl is silly stylish!

The weather lately has been so hot! I don't adapt too well to very warm weather, especially when I'm having to move a rooms worth of stuff over to a new house. Talk about a sweatbox! I find myself quite looking forward to some autumnal weather, when it eventually comes. I can't bare this humidity.

I am writing this from my new room, in what is going to be my last university house ever! I'm still sorting out my room, and finding new places to store everything (seriously, how can one person have as much stuff as I seem to?!) but I have the essentials already sorted - i.e. clothing storage and dressing table set up.

It's so nice to have a double bed again, after three years of having a single; first in halls of residence and then in both my previous houses.

I've been working hard at Toast - which, if you're not familiar with you should definitely check out the website. We're coming to the end of our high summer sale and it's a chance to grab some great bargains! It started out as a mail order company based in Wales and has grown significantly over the last few years. I'm hoping to get some pictures of our shop so you can see it - it's so cool!

My feet are killing me today mind you - I need to get more supportive shoes. For the AW10 collection, Toast have some quite nice shoes. I have my eye on a pair of Oxford Brogues, and since I get my uniform for free I'm seriously contemplating getting a pair.

Here's two outfit posts rolled into one, taken in my new garden. As you can tell I'm fascinated by the grapes!
Top: Basic @ TopShop
Jacket: Vintage @ The House of Pandora
Trousers: Toast
Belt: Vintage @ The House of Pandora
Shoes: Ballet Pumps @ TopShop

There's a lot of light practically bleaching out my face in these pictures, but this aside I like where we took them so I'm posting them up anyway. That, and my feet hurt too much the thought of getting off my bed and retaking these photos brings on the urge to cry.
Dress: Vintage @ The House of Pandora 
Shoes: Ballet Pumps @ TopShop

I'd like to recommend this band, It's a free download, and the tracks are very good. If you're interested, check out Midnight Mile and download now!

I've been finding recently I'm bored with the length of my hair, which is stupid because I've been growing it long for the last few years. I'm quite tempted to cut it quite short, even though everyone is telling me I'll regret it and that I suit long hair. I rather like this haircut (I'm very into the whole 1920s look once again) but am dubious as to whether it would actually suit me.
I have naturally curly hair, which is also another factor that I'd have to think about.. but I do really like it. Perhaps after my dad's wedding?

I'm going to soak my feet, and finish the rest of my book. 

Until next time,

Ciao Cherubs.x


  1. LOVING the new blog look, and new post stuff. TASTY photos! (sorry for lack of better word:S lol) xx

  2. You look great, and I'm definitely checking out the shop :) Ahh, why are the best stores across the world??

    xoxo Maria


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