24. Ladylike Chic

I love how the new Louis Vitton campaigns are bringing back old school glamour to world. It's so Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. I think back then getting dressed in the morning really was an occasion.  People don't make such an effort anymore, and to be fair not everyone has the time, or patience for that matter. It's a shame.

I'm slightly OCD when I get ready (apart from the days I fall victim to just wanting to slum it) and it's because it I got my job. If I wouldn't of listened to my instincts or followed my whim of desire then I wouldn't of got it.

Dress: Toast
Belt: TopShop
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
I was feeling very ladylike today, so I broke out my second new piece of uniform - a silk dress. It's quite 'Mad Men' inspired, I have to be honest. I'm not stick thin. I have hips and curves. I find that cuts like this flatter my figure the best, another reason why I'm very much in love with my vintage pieces from the 1940s and 1950s.

I bought two new pairs of shoes and a pair of socks today as well.

I wanted a nude/dusty pink coloured pair with a low heel to wear with the dress at work. I'd been wearing ballet shoes with them, but they give my feet absolutely no support. I was in agony by the end of my shift. These shoes from Dorothy Perkins were very comfortable to try on, and the heel is just the right height to run around all four levels of the shop!
As Autumn approaches (yay!) I decided it was time to invest in some new flat shoes to wear over the soggy months to come. I've been admiring these shoes in TopShop for a while, and bit the bullet today and tried them on. I wish I hadn't, because they were so comfortable on the foot again, and are so versatile I had to buy them. I thought the tan colour was more wearable than the black for me personally. I'm looking forward to getting lots of wear out of them! 

I have tomorrow off work and my dad is going to come and visit me again as he knows I'm still a bit homesick. Lovely fella my dad is!  I am going to spend some time writing for the rest of this afternoon, before settling down with my housemate Emily to watch 'The Haunted Airman'. Her boyfriend bought her the 'Robsessed' dvd boxset, so I suppose I'll have to grin and bare it. Who am I kidding? Yes, the fact that he's everywhere drives me mad, but he's still very handsome to look at. He's no Choi Seunghyun mind you, and he my friends, is a beautiful looking young man.

Ciao Cherubs!x


  1. Loving your ladylike outfit!!
    Lady Peach


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