25. Blogger Spotlight

The ever so lovely Justine, aka The Girl in the Check Scarf has done a spotlight of my blog on her adorable blog. I'm so very grateful cherub! Thank you for this opportunity! She asked me some questions too, so go read now darlings - go go go: Blogger Spotlight: Poppy Coburn.

Hello to any new followers who have found me via Justine's post, thank you for visiting and for following me! Cupcakes all round :)

After working pretty solid hours the last week and both bank holiday days, my manager very kindly gave me Thursday off work to recharge my batteries. Did I mention how much I love my manager? No?Well I do. A lot. Especially as it now means I have three shifts between now and when my Papa picks me up on Monday morning!

Credit: Since My Dreams

I'm writing this, snuggling into my bed with my zebra - yes, I have a zebra teddy. Coolest animal ever! What of it? I bid you goodnight, I'm getting up early-ish to go and get everything I need to do tomorrow out of the way by 10am.

Sweet Dreams Cherubs!x

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