28. If my life were an advert......

I'm actually obsessed with this advert. It's not even funny.

This dear friends is how I live in my imagination! Which is ironic since my dad and stepmum say that I'm basically the girl in the advert. I can live with that. Now, to work on actually getting back to Paris! <3

I've actually been thinking for a while about getting a bike... with a basket. They're practicle and so cute! The advertisers in this advert have basically sold this life to me based on this advert. The problem? I'm still faithful to my Coco Mademoiselle. Sorry Dior! I'll take everything else though :)

Flawless. Girl is FLAWLESS.

In case you were wondering WHY I'm still up at 1:15am, I'm awaiting the return of my papa from his honeymoon! Let's see if they brought me back a gorgeous Italian Adonis of a boyfriend! Fingers crossed cherubs!


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  1. ohh i adore this commercial too! so lovely and pretty and girly!


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