30. A Camel Classic

It's one of my favourite things about winter, the crunch of frosted leaves beneath foot, the clear bright blue sky and the winter coat. As the cold weather is now well and truly here, the must have item any stylish savvy woman needs on her back is a chic coat.

The satisfying feeling I get when I look out the window, and see nothing but gloom and frost is second to none, knowing that I have hanging by the front door a gorgeous coat, just waiting to enfold me.

The question facing us this season, ladies? What style are you going to champion? So many choices beckon tantalizingly from shop windows and from our computer screens!

Will you go kooky, and rock it like Twiggy in a cape? Perhaps you'll be the bold, brave Amelia Earhart and embrace the aviator jacket? Or will you go classic and unchallenged a la Bette Davis in Camel?

For me, there is no question; the belle du jour of the season is Camel.

Camel Coats, that comes round again, and again. Fashion can't get enough of it, and Camel is certainly in no hurry to relinquish its grip on us, like a jealous lover greedily drawing the masses into the cinnamon folds.

I began my quest to find my perfect Camel Coat, but everywhere I turned I was thwarted. The luscious long coat at ASOS which sat so sublimely on the model, would swamp me I decided; the model stood at 180cm, and the hem of the coat only just reached her ankles!

I snooped around the high street, yet alas, I found nothing that enticed me to make a commitment. I was all but ready to give up when it hit me.

EBay. EBay! The name ran through me like a jolt, and low and behold I found my perfect coat! I deliberated over purchasing the coat for a few hours and I realized I was looking a gift camel in the mouth, you could say, and quickly decided to put myself out of my misery.

It arrived a week later, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Special thanks to my dad for being my photographer!

I can't wait to rock this look all winter. 

What about you cherubs? What's your poison this season? 



  1. Camel coats equals perfection. Looks like your recent purchase equals perfection too. A very beautiful coat. Have fun this winter:)

  2. I love camel coat, i need to get me one, i dont know when lol <3


  3. Looking very lucious, Lauren. In fact, your hair looks really dark in the bottom photo!

    Love fellow Sugarhead xx

  4. You look greaaaaaat! I love the camel trend too <3


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