32. Lushae Jewelry Prize!

A fair few months ago, I entered a competition through Elements Magazine to win a piece of gorgeous jewelry from Lushae Jewelry. After one or two issue with shipping and customs fees, then moving house and not having internet for a while I finally got my necklace earlier this month after Lushae resent it out to me very kindly.

So here is my long over due review!

The piece I chose was the Antique Fleur De Lis (found here!) after agonizing over it for ages.

If there's one thing I find hard to decide on it's jewelry as I don't normally wear a lot of it. It was one of the first pieces that caught my eye and in the end it was ultimately what I went for! What I like about it is that it is very simple. The chain is light and delicate. It could easily pass for a vintage piece of jewelry methinks!

It arrived, and once I gleefully cut my way through the packaging I found this gorgeous sturdy little black box, which housed my necklace, protecting it.

I'm so pleased with the necklace. I found it was even better than it was described on the website. I love it, and it will be quite a versatile piece to wear with lots of different outfits.

I wore it the other day at work and received quite a few compliments about it! Seems it has gone down a treat with the Toasties!

Special thanks to Elements Magazine for being so patient with me, and to Lushae for being so accommodating! I couldn't be happier with my necklace!

I'm off to cook myself a small dinner and dive into a cup of lemsip - my glands are the size of two rather large conkers at the moment and so painful! Have a lovely evening!

Ciao Cherubs!x


  1. Aww you're welcome! So glad that you finally got your necklace :D It's really pretty!

    And we understand about being busy and all. We're all in our final year or so too!

  2. BEAUTIFUL choice of necklace! :D

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  4. IT'S GORGEOUS *____* do want!!
    I know exactly what you mean, jewlery has to be the absolute most difficult thing for me to pick out as well :/ ahhh!! You made a lovely choice although I would have liked to seen what you wore it with :D

    Much love, Jordie


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