33. Doctor Zhivago & Annie Lennox

Hello, hello, hello!

I have finally crawled out of the rock I have been hibernating under the last month or so. I've had a terrible internet connection while at university (note to anyone considering going with TalkTalk - don't! They have awful customer service!), although my connection here at home seems to be dipping out a lot at the moment, perhaps it's something to do with the snow?

After a long journey yesterday, where it took my dear dad a round trip of seven hours, I was finally back over the borders of Bedfordshire, although the long journey seemed to have taken it's toll on me (as well as this nasty cold I've picked up!) as I was in bed by 8pm.

With practically all of the UK covered in a thick blanket of snow it does present one with the dilemma of what to wear that will be both snow friendly and chic!

In the four days, which saw the entire town centre of Cheltenham come to a standstill by 3pm, I witnessed the insanity of someone women - bare legs and high heeled boots, in minus something temperatures! Surely not ladies! You can do much better than that.

So how can we dress chic and not put our lives at risk in this chilly weather? Taking inspiration from one of my favourite films - Doctor Zhivago and all things Russian, I think I may have found the answer.

With all the velvets in rich hues and tones this season, why not continue the theme of opulence and take it a step further, mixing it with faux fur coats and stylish hats Lara and Yuri would be proud of!

The shoe of choice at the moment no doubt is tied between the snow boot and the wellie, practical as practicality must cherubs if you want to stay upright on the treacherous streets.

I've got to finish the last of my Christmas shopping tomorrow and then I'll be spending the evening with my mum. I hope everyone gets all the last bits and pieces you need to!

I'm quite taken with this video by Annie Lennox - 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen'. I love her as an artist, and she hasn't disappointed me with this offering from her latest album, inspired by Christmases of her childhood. Check the video out below, it's so quirky and fun:

Goodnight Cherubs!x

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