29. Louis hold's my suitcase hostage!

How adorable!

'If I lay down maybe she won't notice!'

I think my cat wants to come back to university with me! It's been so lovely at home, although there have been a few issues I really am sad to go back in a way. It's nearly October however, and I must get my head down and start working hard! Lauren fighting! The last year is the most important right? Oh dear!

Heading back tomorrow, and will be working at 12, then again on Sunday so posts will be quiet from me until Monday cherubs! Keep your eyes peeled for my next post, I would love to hear your opinions on my idea!

Until then dear ones,



28. If my life were an advert......

I'm actually obsessed with this advert. It's not even funny.

This dear friends is how I live in my imagination! Which is ironic since my dad and stepmum say that I'm basically the girl in the advert. I can live with that. Now, to work on actually getting back to Paris! <3

I've actually been thinking for a while about getting a bike... with a basket. They're practicle and so cute! The advertisers in this advert have basically sold this life to me based on this advert. The problem? I'm still faithful to my Coco Mademoiselle. Sorry Dior! I'll take everything else though :)

Flawless. Girl is FLAWLESS.

In case you were wondering WHY I'm still up at 1:15am, I'm awaiting the return of my papa from his honeymoon! Let's see if they brought me back a gorgeous Italian Adonis of a boyfriend! Fingers crossed cherubs!



The second installment of my doubly whammy postage of today! Who knew weddings were so exhausting! I did nothing yesterday, and nothing today! All the emotion catches up with you it seems!

Congratulations to my wonderful Papa and my new Stepmother, who were married on September 8th 2010 at Sopwell House in St Albans. 

The Groom and his Groomsmen. 

The Best Man, Groom, Blushing Bride and Bridesmaid.

The First Dance.

Yours Truly.

After a spot of trouble with my dress, I'm so happy with how it looked. It's such a delicate material, so we were scared of dry cleaning it (often a worry with old vintage dresses I suppose!) but it turned out lovely on the day I think!

My dad and his new wife are currently flying to Venice to board a ship to cruise around Italy (how jealous am I right now? Bloody jealous!). I'd just like to say, in the unlikely event that they check my blog while on their honeymoon.. Congratulations, I love you both so much and I wish you many, many happy years together. I'd also like to add, bring me back an Italian boyfriend please! 

That's all for now cherubs! I hope you have a lovely day, I'm going to go for a walk in a bit with my friend who is staying with me. 

Much love,


26. Vote for Rose!

Good Afternoon Cherubs!

You're getting a double whammy of posts today!

Firstly, I'd like to introduce you all to my gorgeous friend, and former housemate of second year, Rose.

Rose has entered a competition to become a representative of Simple Skincare. She's got through to the final fifty, and now needs more people to vote for her. This is where you all come in my darlings! Please, please, please could you all go to the website and vote for her? She really deserves it!

Go here: To Vote For Rose!

Thank you on behalf of myself and Rose,


25. Blogger Spotlight

The ever so lovely Justine, aka The Girl in the Check Scarf has done a spotlight of my blog on her adorable blog. I'm so very grateful cherub! Thank you for this opportunity! She asked me some questions too, so go read now darlings - go go go: Blogger Spotlight: Poppy Coburn.

Hello to any new followers who have found me via Justine's post, thank you for visiting and for following me! Cupcakes all round :)

After working pretty solid hours the last week and both bank holiday days, my manager very kindly gave me Thursday off work to recharge my batteries. Did I mention how much I love my manager? No?Well I do. A lot. Especially as it now means I have three shifts between now and when my Papa picks me up on Monday morning!

Credit: Since My Dreams

I'm writing this, snuggling into my bed with my zebra - yes, I have a zebra teddy. Coolest animal ever! What of it? I bid you goodnight, I'm getting up early-ish to go and get everything I need to do tomorrow out of the way by 10am.

Sweet Dreams Cherubs!x
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