35. 2011: Resolutions

A belated Happy New Year to you all! I noticed I have acquired two new followers; thank you very much for following me!

Last week, I started the think about New Years Resolutions, and how they generally only last until the end of January/middle of February if I'm lucky. Perhaps it is because I make resolutions that I know I have no intention of keeping.

It's hardly surprising that it's the month where gym memberships are signed ten fold, after the bombardment of over indulgence seen in the festive months. January is all about cutting back, moderation, pushing aside that tin of chocolates and getting yourself fighting fit. A new year means a new you, right?

It leaves a somewhat bitter aftertaste. And pressure. It must be better than the year just gone.

As we enter the second week of January 2011, after a week of pondering, I have come up with what I see as my realistic resolutions for 2011:

1. Just Get On With It: I procrastinate far too much, and know I can achieve my best when I sit down and just get on with things. I have five months of university left, and in that time I want to ensure I get nothing below a 2:1 on my assignments and to graduate with a grade I am proud of. I want to secure as many internships/work placements/potential jobs as possible - anything within PR/Marketing/Journalism in the Fashion, and Heritage industries.

2. Be a Better Blogger: I don't update half as much as I should, and really want to get back into the swing of it since my internet is now working both at home, and at my house at university. I will start posting outfit posts again too; Laura, Becky or Linda - this mean's you'll have to be my long suffering photographers, sorry! I want to get a lot more interaction going with my followers.

3. Be Kind to Those that are Kind to Me: I saw Paloma Faith tweet that, and it spoke volumes to me. 2011 was the year of a lot of breakdowns in terms of personal relationships for me. Now, my family life has settled down so much so, that I finally feel an inner calm and peace that has been missing for the last six or seven years. I am happy. My family is getting closer and closer as the day goes on, something I've longed for. I'm not going to let it bother me if so called friends can't be bothered to make an equal amount of effort, or expect too much of me while giving nothing in return. I'm beyond caring anymore.

4. Become as effortlessly cool and chic as Clémence Poésy, and as fierce and unique as Paloma Faith: Enough said.

Until next time,

Ciao Cherubs!x

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  1. totally need to make number 1 my resolution as well! i love procrastination!! good luck with all your resolutions!!! x

  2. Clemence Posey reference has made my day!

    We half have the same New Years resolution.


  3. I was looking for pages which have my the Devil Wear's Prada-new year's eve image. :3 ♥ It's nice to know some unkown cute girl has used it for her blog. I'm glad you like it!. Nice blog btw <3


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