36. Going for the chop!

I believe I am slightly late jumping on the short hair bandwagon, what with Emma Watson causing a frenzy with her boyish pixie cut. Personally I prefer her hair a bit longer, but the fact that she wanted a change and went for it is really inspiring for a person who has a self confessed aversion to cutting her hair!

Last week, I went for quite a drastic cut for me. I have had the same hair length since I was eleven years old. Long, and down my back.

Recently I have been craving having shorter hair. As I have naturally curly hair, and I dye it (gasp! I have admitted my secret!) the winter months have dried it out. After talking myself into it, with the basis of the idea that hair does, in fact grow and if I didn't like it I could grow it out, I set about convincing my mother to cut it for me. A lot of nagging later and here is the end result.

I'm really happy with it! Although it has caused me to want to cut it a bit shorter, ala Keira Knightley's bob, as seen below.

What do you think cherubs? I'm thinking a little bit longer than what she has, but something of the similar style. What has happened to me?! Do you like the shorter hair craze that seems to be all the rage?

Ciao Cherubs!x


  1. I think it really suits you! You should definitely go shorter. Love the first picture of Keira!

  2. Oh gosh I love it! O: I've been considering cutting my hair short for a while too. I was gonna go for Irina's hairstyle
    I've been scared since I haven't cut my hair in 2 years and seeing how you've done it after a lot longer is inspiring in itself XD

    I think you'd look so super cute with that bob! But it's good you cut it to a longer length first hahaha


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