38. What I Wore: University & Work

Bonjour Cherubs!

I don't know about you, but for the last few days I have found myself getting more and more excited about Spring! I blame the fact that it's getting lighter and lighter in the evening. It certainly makes the day more bearable. I can't wait to ditch the heavy winter coat for something lighter in the coming months!

I was originally going to post these pictures yesterday but bad planning on my part, and then a cheeky dominoes pizza later and it was too late to post!

I have two outfit posts for you. The first is an outfit from last week which I wore to university. It was comfortable and warm, which is always a plus!

Jumper: Olive, Skirt: Olive, Brogues: Toast, Belt: Vintage, Bag: Mulberry

My second outfit post is what I wore yesterday at work. I bought the jumper in the sale last week because I'd been lusting after it since it first came in. I love mustard jumpers! I paired it with my breton tunic because I liked the contrast between the two colours.
Jumper, Snood, Breton Tunic: Toast, Boots: TopShop

I'm getting ready to cook some dinner and the settle down to watch the second half of Jane Eyre with my housemate Laura who kindly took the above pictures. I'm quite excited, nothing like a dose of Mr Rochester a la Toby Stephens in the evening to heat things up on this cold, cold night! Don't you agree?

Ciao Cherubs!x  

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  1. Such a pretty outfit! I love the belt and you have Mulberry! I'm so so jealous!

    I love your new jumper from work. Good sale find!


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