39. Venturing into new territory.......

Good day to you Cherubs!

How are you all on this dreary day?

I have to say, Frugal February certainly doesn't seem to be happening for me! I went and bought the tapered trousers I'm wearing in today's post today! I think I have a serious problem in the winter months because new items are miraculously appearing in my wardrobe.

Inspired heavily by the fabulous Amie K from She Wore WHAT?! who consistently rocks trousers of every different shape and style. I've kept away from trousers - jeans especially because I hate the latter, and it's always really difficult to find a good fit because of my waist-hip ratio. She's one of my style crushes for sure and it's because of her I've finally stepped out of my comfort zone; I was overjoyed when I found a pair of tapered trousers that loved me as much as I loved them!

Blouse: Vintage, Jacket, Vintage, Trousers: TopShop, Socks: TopShop

Freshly bought from TopShop, take a peek and why not let me know what your favourite shape of trousers you're coveting at the moment?

I'm beyond tempted by high waisted wide legs at the moment! J'adore!

Have a wonderful day, I'm off to campus to tackle some web design and return some books - I must remember the last part otherwise I'll get a nasty fine, and I keep accumulating them!

Ciao Cherubs!x


  1. Aww thats such a lovely post. And may I say you are killing those tapered trousers lady! Love them, you look amazing :)

  2. You look absolutely adorable my dear! And the short hair is still stunning :D
    I love high waisted trousers and even though I make a point of not shopping there, American Apparel makes my favorites http://store.americanapparel.ca/rsa0319.html?cid=153

    Please post more outfits! I love your style <3

  3. I love your blog layout it's oh so cute.
    cats on broomsticks, awww.



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