40. Channeling Grandad

Good Evening,

I've been incredibly busy with university work now. I'm almost in the final stretch, as of Tuesday I have two months and two weeks of university left! And one month of that is basically the Easter holidays. Terrifying.

We had our first group hand in today, and have been rushed off our feet trying to get ready for today. I'd like to say it went without a hitch, but unfortunately we're taking it as quite a big learning curve. Hopefully we'll come back fighting.

T-Shirt (worn underneath), Sleeveless Top and Trousers: TopShop, Shoes: Faith, Scarf (worn in hair): Vintage.

Please excuse how horrendously tired I look! I feel a little bit like my granddad in this outfit, but like it. It was fairly mild today so I mainly layered for comfort considering I was up until 6am this morning before I passed out on top of my mac. True story I'm afraid. I woke up with the keys imprinted on my cheeks. I'm about to get into pajamas and pass out as I have work for 14 hours this weekend.

I have to say, I'm quite looking forward to a slight lay in this Monday!

Debuting my shorter hair too, although I'm hoping to get a better picture this weekend. It makes my morning routine a lot quicker; you know what that means cherubs? Longer in bed!

I visited a vintage fair held in the beautiful Pittville Pump Rooms last Sunday, will post my escapades up tomorrow before/after work depending on how quickly I wake up in the morning.

My old housemate Lydia introduced me to CatsVersusHuman yesterday. I can't stop checking it now!

I hope you're all keeping well dear ones, remember if you're working yourself to the bone to make time for breaks!

Ciao Cherubs!x


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