41. Blind Lemon's Vintage Fair

Hello Cherubs!

Two Sunday's ago I had the pleasure of dropping in to Blind Lemon's Vintage Fair when they visited Cheltenham. I've never been able to attend before due to working every weekend that I have been at university, but luckily I was able to get out of work slightly earlier as I wanted to cover the fair for a feature I was writing.

Stepping into the beautiful Georgian hall, your senses are instantly seduced by stall after stall of trinkets, jewellery, fur coats and rail after rail of dresses spread over 40 different stalls. Bright colours and textures jump out, each piece fighting for attention, to be touched, tried on and bought.

Boxes of vintage clothing patterns beckon for a new lease of life from the battered suitcase they rest in. Silk scarves hang, ready to accentuate any outfit.

Although I didn't buy anything (such is the life of a scrimping and starving student) I did manage to speak to the man in charge, a Mister Edwin Dyson who very kindly discussed vintage with me. I thought I'd share what he told me, and some pictures I took at fair.

How long has the fair been running?

The first Fair was Bristol in February 2006 and we've been in Swansea since Spring 2010, back for our third time.

2) How did you become involved with the Fair?

I used to run a vintage shop in Narberth and when that came to an end I started organising the Fairs. I wanted to stay within the vintage trade and spotted a gap in the market for Fairs in regional towns, as there were only Fairs in the larger cities; London, Manchester, Liverpool etc.

3) What kind of reception does the Fair receive from place to place?

People love it. I have located sellers who sell vintage everything and they bring all sorts of items and at all sorts of prices. There's something for everyone. It's a cracking day out looking at everything, there's music and a cafe and vintage hairstyling and make-up. People appreciate the quality of the items and the firndly and knowledgeable nature of the stallholders too.

4) Why do you think vintage is so popular?

Vintage is different to the high street, it's better made and doesn't come from sweat shops. It allows you to be different yet on trend. You can support local traders instead of multinational corporations by spending your money on vintage at Fairs and in your local vintage shop.

I desperately wanted to buy this dress, but had to hold myself back. It's so beautiful don't you think?

Have you ever visited Blind Lemon's Fair? 

Also, I have created a group over on IFB, I want to connect with bloggers in the West Midlands, so if you are one, or know of someone who is please point them in the groups direction! IFB: West Midland Bloggers

I'm going to dream about that dress tonight methinks! 

Sweet Dreams Cherubs!x 


  1. lovely blog ; )



  2. I can see beautiful vintage hats on the pictures you've posted in this post. And yes, the vintage dress is lovely! It'll look good on you, for sure! Thank you for sharing this great post about lovely vintage finds. :)


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