42. The ULTIMATE Shirt

My first ever teddy was bought for me by my Papa a day after I was born. He was a zebra, standing tall, proud and furry surrounded by bouquets. He told me that he just knew he had to get the zebra for me, and twenty two years down the line I am still very attached to Zebby, who is alas no longer as furry as he once was but just as proud (Never the most original name picker when you're little, are you?), and I'm obsessed with zebras.

If you've known me since childhood, then you probably would have contributed to the collection of zebras I have accumulated over the years; whether it be in forms of teddies, ornaments, pictures, scarves etc. I'm seriously contemplating asking my friend Tunde if we can go out dressed as zebra's for our joint birthday night out this year!

So you can imagine my delight at seeing Henry Holland's blouse splattered all over fashion magazines last month.

According to Debenham's website it's down to £20 from £25. I'm seriously contemplating popping into my local branch on my lunch break tomorrow. What do you think? I really like that it's mustard too. Have gone a bit mad for yellow at the moment (lack of sunshine perhaps?)  Should I get it? This is of course, if they have my size in stock!

I'm off to watch 'The Circus of Horrors' tonight. I'm writing a feature about it for our student publication. I'm terrified, so I'm dragging my friend Chrissy along to hold my hand and have stiff drink with afterwards. The things I do in the name of journalism, eh? Namely, the lack of sleep I will have tonight. 

Have a wonderful evening dears. 

Hello to my new followers who have joined me over the last few weeks too! Thank you for following me :) 

Off to print off my voucher for La Tasca for dinner before heading to the circus, wish me luck!

Ciao Cherubs!x


  1. Definitely get the top! It's such a gorgeous Summer colour.

    And thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :) I'm now following you, keep up the good work!

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