44. Sundresses & Mulberry

Finally getting to put an outfit post after what feels like a ridiculously long time! This is one of my favourite dresses.
Dress: Vintage, Cardigan: M&S, Shoes: Primark

It's a 1950s sun dress that I found in a shop that has now closed *sob* but they are still online *hooray!* I look horribly tired/bloated/make-upless in this photo so ignore that please!

Tomorrow marks the start of Gold Cup Week here in Cheltenham, and like most other money hungry students I am going to be working, and then my normal hours at my weekend job. I must be mad, that's a 50 hour week but I can't turn down the money!

My mama came and visited me for two days. I had Sunday off work , my first Sunday off in three weeks; although my body foiled any plans for a lie because I woke up at 8:30 like clock work. It was lovely and sunny and we had a good mooch around the shops with mama parting with some hard earned money in Mulberry on two pieces from the Daria collection. 

Pretty, oh so pretty! Tres jealous (so obviously borrowing them when I'm living back at home!) but there has been talk of a Mulberry birthday present, which has made me excited! 

I hope you've had a lovely day!

Ciao Cherubs!x


  1. Weren't you considering throwing this dress away at one point? And I shouted at you. Or am I thinking of another dress?
    Either way, very successful transition from summer look to spring look.
    Love! xxx

  2. that purse is lusssssssssssssh.

    Helen, X


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