48. Student no more!

My lack of active blogging lately has been continued due to a nasty little thief stealing my phone, and coming down with a nasty stomach bug. Unfortunately I have no internet at my mothers at the moment, which is where I'm staying when I have work, which is most days. It is my birthday at the end of the week (eeeeek how quickly has that come about?!) so I PROMISE I will have sparkly new posts to share with you all on Monday next week (or before, if I can get a connection). Currently looking like death warmed up at my dad's house, so no outfit post I'm afraid.

I've officially moved home from university, thank you so much for your lovely comments and advice! I really appreciate them. I am finding the transition harder than I thought I would, mainly due to being separated from my friends and the place I came to call home for the last four years. I am glad to be back with family though.

I do hope you don't give up on me, I haven't been the most reliable blogger, but that is going to change! I've recently started working full time for TopShop, and there have had been talks of potentially training me to be a visual merchandiser! It's quite exciting, and although nothing is set in stone yet the fact that there is potential is thrilling for me! Please keep checking back, and tell me what you'd like to see more of here :)

Finishing off with my last outfit I wore in Cheltenham not long ago. Embracing the maxi!

Dress (worn as skirt): H&M, Top: Olive, Belt: Vintage

Off to go die in bed now, next time I update hopefully I'll be fully recovered!

Take care Cherubs!



  1. I love the maxi, so pretty!
    I'm having the opposite problem you are it seems. I leave for school in three months and I'm already so anxious about leaving everyone behind at home. I hope everything works out for the best for both of us!

  2. That skirt looks absolutely smashing on you! :D
    I hope you enjoy your summer stay at home, I've convinced my mother to come stay with me hahaha



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