53. The Perfect Combo


Long time, no see! I am making a return (or at least trying to?) to blogging. Your eyes do not deceive you!

Currently coveting these gorgeous shoes:

Why is it, when I've been looking for a pair of shoes like this for ages that I find them AFTER I've spent the money I was given for my birthday? Okay, granted I love what I originally got but whhhhhyyyyyy... it's so unfair. When you look for it, you can never find it. Then you stop and it magically makes an appearance! Being a half size as well in most shoes, these fit perfectly in the size 4 which is practically unheard of. I think I need to get them in my life, asap! 

Stupid, stylish, comfortable shoes. Oh well. At least I have something to focus on for earning money for the rest of this month, right? Motivation and all that nonsense! I'm trying this new thing y'see, where I don't impulse purchase things I don't really 'NEED'. Although right now my brain is telling me that is a necessity to get these shoes.

I bought this washed silk jumpsuit from work the other day, and it'd be the perfect pair of shoes to wear when I have to work because they're not too high. But also good to wear outside of work.. whenever the English summer gets the memo to return to our shores that is! I love the jumpsuit, I didn't initially like it on the hanger, but when you have it on it's so much better, and again, very comfortable to wear. I'm enjoying this semi practical fashion at the moment!

I'm aware that it's an awful lot of black, but I have been rather inappropriately dressed for the weather the last weekend - stubbornly refusing to not change my thought out outfits which I later lived to regret. If it must rain, I do not want to risk my outfit going see-through and flashing everyone again. I will learn my lesson ;)

In other news, it was my birthday two weeks ago. Had a lovely time in the beautiful weather! My poor Fella was dragged along to two different birthday meals like a shiny new toy. I've always been quite cagey with introducing someone to my family but I don't feel that way with Fella. I want to show him off to everyone close to me so they can see how great he is, and how happy he makes me. He also bought me a history book I'd been drooling over for months. Most definitely a keeper I think! I got some lovely presents and had a really great four days with my loved ones.

Jubilee plans were kind of scrapped by the awful weather. Fella and I were going to watch the Queen's procession  down the Thames with his Dad and sister but it didn't happen. We ended up staying in and watching Band of Brothers, which isn't an entirely bad way to spend a day! This was followed by his flat-warming party.. (he recently moved to West Hampstead).. shots in saucepans, copious amounts of Jägermeister.. it's a bit blurry.. followed by a day of general nothingness but tired, hungover faces and a trip to Nandos in the rain to cure it.

What did you get up to over the Jubilee Bank Holiday?

Ciao Cherubs!x

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