54. Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

Bonjour Cherubs!

I am updating again after ANOTHER long period of 0 posts.

Just a quick outfit post, and update on the direction this blog will be taking.. if anyone still reads it these days that is.. Hello? Is anyone still out there....?

Anyway, I digress.. I've been super busy with work the last few months.. and a lack of internet unless I'm at Fella's or my dads (the latter being very irregularly at present!), and there's always something that distracts me.. life laundry etc.. I updated my layout and made it a bit sleeker.. and changed some things on my twitter too. I'm no longer private either (for the time being).

I've decided to incorporate my love for history in this blog.. particularly my interest in Medieval and Pre-Tudor history (especially anything to do with Richard III and Anne Boleyn - but we'll ignore that pesky series the Tudors and any mention of it!). So watch this space! Hopefully I won't bore you too much!

Anyone interested in pursuing a well researched and unbiased account of Richard III should definitely check out this book by Paul Murray Kendall. I found this biography to be most enjoyable and it was refreshing to have someone discount Post-Richard propaganda.

Recent purchases of late have been few and far between.. I bought this gorgeous coat.. it's like walking out of the house wearing my duvet, except it's water resistant! 


I bought this ring from my favourite vintage shop down in Brighton, Hope & Harlequin. Who doesn't need a cat ear ring in their life? I adore it. 

And lastly.. outfit of the day.. again this dress is from Whistles. It's from AW10, and I tracked it down in the outlet store, Street. They always have great items from previous seasons so it's worth giving them a call to see if they have anything you lusted after but missed the boat on!

I'm currently coveting these beautiful boots from Toast. I love the design on the toe of the shoe, and the colour is so versatile!

Sorry about the rushed nature of this post, I promise to get back on the blogging unicorn in November. If I don't you can take my history books away from me.. 


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