55. On the move again...

A post in which I over abuse the Earlybird filter on Instagram. 

I've been a busy bee over the last two weeks. My mama and I move out of the flat we've been living in since my parents separated four year ago. Sometimes I can't quite believe that since then, both my parents are happily settled. It's great that we all get on so well! As of January (or New Years Eve) we'll no longer be living there. 

This means, for the time being I will be moving most of my belongings over to my Papa's house for safe keeping, and everything I will need more or less every day (and a capsule wardrobe) over to my Fella's while I bounce between both places. 

I moved over the rest of my magazine collection that I had split between homes.. 

My aim is to have them out on display, stacked or in a bookcase eventually but for now they are behind wardrobe doors. 

Luckily I'll only have to do this for a few more months - I thought I'd given up living like a Nomad when I came home from Cheltenham, but apparently not! I'm taking comfort in the fact that it won't be for long though. 

My Papa asked me the other day if I was sad we're leaving the flat. I didn't know what to say until I really thought about it. I think I know the answer now.. I think I'll miss the convenience of it more than anything. Increasingly, I am spending less and less time there, and it's a waste for it to be kept on when it's mainly being used by one of us, and even then it's for two days at most out of a week. 

Being nomadic for a couple months is a sacrifice I'm happy to make, while I wait for other plans to take root. Fingers crossed it all works out! 

Work is starting to gear up for the festive season, and it's all go-go-go. I still have some holiday to take before March so I may be taking a week off at the beginning of January just to recover! 

I'm starting to get an addiction to collar necklaces and accessories.. Hobb's having been getting a lot of custom from me recently because of this! I have just added this to my already growing collection:

Perfect for the next month when it really starts to get chilly over a coat or a dress/top. The possibilities are endless! (Have you noticed I'm a little obsessed with it?).

Recent outfit:

Whistles Iva Shift Dress.
Hobbs Beaded Collar.
Faith Shoes.

Bedtime Reading.

I'm in the festive mood already.. what about you? All sorted for Christmas? Or are you like me and terribly unprepared this year? (Thank Santa for internet shopping!).

That's all for now..
Ciao Cherubs!x

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