58. Snow, Fox Belt and a Mousetrap

Snow always seem to have the unfortunate habit of bringing this country to an absolute standstill, doesn't it? I spent the majority of my Friday afternoon waiting for a train home after being released from work early. It doesn't matter how much notice we seem to get, there's always complete disruption to everything. It's a complete nightmare!!

The snow was coming down ridiculously heavy in Saint Albans on Friday and, given that I rely on the trains to get to and from work frequently I knew that it would be absolute chaos. I'm very grateful that this happened to be my weekend off work. I can't imagine how long it would have taken me to get to work yesterday morning, or today for that matter. 

The weather did present a slight issue with footwear - being split between places I had to make do with what I had. In the end I got a pair of boots resoled so I would be able to stay upright. I'm quite pleased with the result as I live in these boots, but being leather soled they were wearing terribly already (and I only got them at Christmas!). I got them in the black suede too and I'm itching for better weather so I can start breaking those beauties in.. wishful thinking at the moment methinks!

The reason for needing appropriate, stylish footwear was because Fella had bought me tickets to see 'The Mousetrap' for Christmas. I had seen the play about 10 years or so ago when Papa G took me but had been wanting to see it again for ages. It was/is such a thoughtful gift! I thoroughly enjoyed it, the cast were excellent, my favourite being Christopher Ren. The actor played him delightfully offhand and worryingly eccentric with perfect comic timing. I really could not recommend more that you go and see this play. Simply superb!

I was going to try and post an outfit post from what I wore last night on my jaunt to the theatre with Fella but I ended up layering up so much there wasn't much point once I donned my puffa jacket. So you'll have to settle for my outfit of the day from today.. which was completely impractical to walk to Jack's in hunt of breakfast but seeing how I was sensible the day before I couldn't very well go and do the same two days running could I? 

Blouse and Skirt - Olive
Dennis the Fox Belt - Hobbs NW3

Are you as bemused as me at the countries absolute failure are dealing with snow? What have you been up to on these snow days? Have you been hibernating at home with DVD marathons and your duvet or have you braved the weather, inappropriate footwear and all? 

Safe journey to everyone who will be traveling on the roads or relying on public transport like me!


  1. Lovely look - such a great belt too! I know, the snow always seems to be such a disruption - I had two days off school though, so I'm not complaining! X

  2. Thank you - I love the belt too! Taking all my self restraint not to buy it in black as well... Can't go wrong with two snow days though can you? I only like snow if I get a snow day, or if I'm skiing on it. Anything else and I hate it. Thank you for your comment :) x


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