66. Two Year Anniversary Day Out

Fella and I recently celebrated two very happy years together (okay, it was the 23rd June!) We spent the day doing touristy things around where we live. I've always wanted to go up the medieval clock tower but never have until now. For £1 each it was hardly a fortune, and I love it when we can incorporate history into a day out! 93 steps up a tiny stone staircase to see a lovely view of Saint Albans. 

As you can see it was very windy at the top, perhaps not my best outfit choice for the days activities! 

On the teeny, tiny staircase. Have to admit I did not feel safe going down it, partly because I have absolutely no balance in general. 

We then went to Verulamium Park to feed the ducks and swans, which I love doing.

There's a family of swans that we always feed when we go, fella fed one of the cygnets out of his hand which was cute, until it bit him - but hey, you feed a wild animal these are the risks you take!

For those interested.. Dress: Warehouse, Blazer: TopShop, Shoes: Hobbs NW3, Bag: Whistles, Umbrella: Vintage

We also took a jaunt around Saint Albans Cathedral, where the shrine of Saint Alban is kept. Incidentally it was also his feast day, so they had it decked out in flowers. If you don't know the story of Saint Alban he was the first British Christian Martyr. The legend tells us that he was beheaded at the top of Holywell Hill, and that his decapitated head rolled down the hill. When it came to a stop a well magically appeared at the site the head had been. 

Saint Alban's shrine in the Cathedral. 

My next post is going to be about the Cathedral itself. I love going for a wander when I have a few minutes to spare, and to just general explore it.

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