23. Life Lately

Tuesday 3 March 2015

Life lately has been:

- Exploring the 'Outlander' book series - I'm currently on book number 4, 'Drums of Autumn'. I've been wanting to read this series for a long time, but wasn't sure if I wanted to blog about them. I'm still undecided, for now I am content to just follow where the stories take me (I have to admit I am terrible for flicking ahead when there is a lack of Jamie and Claire - naughty!)

- Waiting (in)patiently for the 'Outlander' series to come to the UK so I can watch it - once I found out there was a series I was desperate to watch it, but I've only been able to catch a few bad quality episodes on YouTube so far, which aren't doing it any justice. I agree with the casting, and I know I will enjoy the series when it does eventually make it onto UK television. I'm passionate about Scotland (I'm a proud half-jock thanks to my Mother) and anything that involves Scotland is always of great interest to me)

- Lily James in that Elie Saab dress.  Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of that gown. Wowza! I love everything about this dress, and the styling. I will be sure to be lusting over it for years to come! Utterly perfect in my eyes (this definitely set me off pinning all things Elie Saab on my Pinterest!)
I have found it so therapeutic to get back into Pinterest. I find I don't have to be on there for hours on end, half an hour a day has suited me perfectly fine, and has been a great distraction when I've been on my lunch and need to decompress!


Things I am looking forward to in March:
- Meeting up with the Papatron for dinner after work this week. Sometime you just need an evening out with your daddy. 
- Going swimming and rock climbing with Fella. It's time to get more active this month. He recently bought me 'Deliciously Ella', and I can't wait to start using the recipes to start transforming my diet - I feel like I get a hangover off too much sugar, and I'd like to cut processed sugars out completely. Watch this space, you may make a chef out of me yet!
- The start of Spring, officially on the 20th March. I'm longing for the evening to be lighter, and the weather milder. Spring is my favourite season (I'm a Spring baby, so I'm biased!) and everything always seems better in Spring. It makes me feel more hopeful and alive, after the dreary months of January and February, which if I'm honest I'd sooner forget this year! 
- Hopefully going to see 'Suite Francaise' at the cinema. I haven't been to the cinema for ages, and I've been awaiting this film for what feels like forever (what can I say, I enjoy an angst filled love story!)
- Getting back into writing in general - both on this blog and fiction. I took a hiatus from my own stories last year as I felt so burnt out, and I was putting unnecessary pressure on myself, which didn't make me feel good about myself. I'm glad I gave myself a break, because I can feel the desire to return to it. Joan of Kent has been milling around my mind for the last few months, nagging me to tell her story!
I do hope you enjoyed this post! 
What are you looking forward to this March?


  1. Replies
    1. It is quite literally THE DRESS of my DREAMS. x

  2. I cannie wait for some warmth i'm bored of being freezing x

    1. I hear ya! Just to be out and about after 5:30pm and it still being light is a joy! x

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