Saturday, 30 January 2010

Hello and welcome to my little slice of the internet. This blog is a place to document my interests in historical fiction, and historical figures who have inspired and captivated me since childhood - namely Joan of Kent, Richard III and Anne Boleyn. 

I write at length about reviews of books I have either bought myself, or were gifted to me by friends/family or publishers in exchange for a honest review within the historical fiction genre. I do occasionally branch out to other genres but not a great deal. I also touch upon my life, and experiences here and there; my quest for the perfect cup of Lady Grey (with a slice of lemon) and my endless love affair with cats and dogs. 

An old soul and constant daydreamer, my head is in the clouds, while my heart wanders the cobbled streets of Bruges and Edinburgh, book in hand. 

I am passionate about reading and writing, having been honing my hand at both since a young age. I hope one day to become a published author within the Historical Fiction genre I so passionately love and enjoy. 

If you would like to discuss a mutual love of history, historical fiction or would like me to review a book you can contact me on: - please note I will endeavor to reply within 48 hours to your email. If you have a burning question or theory you would like to discuss with me, reach out to me on Twitter, as I am plugged into it 24/7 and will usually respond within a few hours, if not immediately. 
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