67. 'In Love And War' By Liz Trenow

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Three women, once enemies. Their secrets will unite them.

The First World War is over. The war-torn area of Flanders near Ypres is no longer home to troops, but groups of tourists. Controversial battlefield tourism now brings hundreds of people to the area, all desperate to witness first-hand where their loved ones fell.

At the Hotel de la Paix in the small village of Hoppestadt, three women arrive, searching for traces of the men they have loved and lost.

Ruby is just twenty-one, a shy Englishwoman looking for the grave of her husband. Alice is only a little older but brimming with confidence; she has travelled all the way from America, convinced her brother is in fact still alive. Then there’s Martha, and her son Otto, who are not all they seem to be . . .

The three women in Liz Trenow’s In Love and War may have very different backgrounds, but they are united in their search for reconciliation: to resolve themselves to what the war took from them, but also to what life might still promise for the future . . .

Today on the blog I am featuring an exclusive extract from Liz Trenow's newest offering - 'In Love And War', published by Pan Macmillan January 25th, 2018. Thank you to Alice and Grace from Pan Macmillan for sending me a copy - review to follow shortly! I really enjoyed Liz's previous book, 'The Silk Weaver', and can't wait to share my thoughts with you as she tackles another era of historical fiction. 


Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Today I am very pleased to share with you a guest post, written by one of the authors of The Fate of Kings, Mark Stibbe.


As the Terror begins to cast a great shadow over France, Thomas Pryce, the new Vicar of Deal, crosses the Channel to find the parents of his beautiful French wife. Facing grave dangers, he makes his way to Brittany where he not only discovers the fate of his in-laws but also uncovers a plot which threatens to topple the British monarchy. Fighting against a sinister secret society in a race against time, Pryce battles to thwart the plans of a Parisian spymaster and his agents in London. The Fate of Kings is the first in a series of gripping spy thrillers that will engross readers of C.J. Sansom, Dan Brown, as well as the many avid watchers of Poldark and Grantchester. In the first years of the British Secret Service, Thomas Pryce truly is the original James Bond.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend the launch of The Fate of Kings in the wonderfully quirky Libraries on St Martin's Lane, where attendees were treated to cocktails, delicious canapes and suited and booted French soldiers, fresh out of a time machine. 

The authors, Mark and G.P. Taylor gave insightful speeches on the process of writing the book, and their own background which I found very interesting. 

As you can see, they went all out setting the theme of the book, here are the authors with the aforementioned soldiers. 

As you can see I couldn't resit either!

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