19. 'The Fortune Hunter' by Daisy Goodwin

Tuesday 27 May 2014

"Was Queen Victoria a kitten or a codfish?"

18. 'The First Princess of Wales' by Karen Harper

This next post is slightly out sync because I forgot I had it hidden away in my drafts, and went and posted a different review ahead of this one. As certain links to the previous post are recent and live I am loathe to change them, so this incorrect numbering of posts will have to do I'm afraid!
Now, the book that I am reviewing in the post is based on a historical figure that I have always been very interested in. She is the basis of my own historical fiction that may or may not ever see the light of day. I find her endlessly fascinating even though little is really known about her, but my goodness what we do know paints for a very interesting life! 

Who is this illustrious lady I hear you cry? Why, none other than Joan, the Fair Maid of Kent! 
I try to devour as much fiction and fact as I can about her to aid my own attempts to tell her story. First up is 'The First Princess of Wales' by Karen Harper.
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