29.He liked it so he put a RING on it!

Wednesday 23 September 2015

If you don't already follow me on my various social media accounts, after four years together, Fella proposed to my on our 4 year anniversary, Tuesday 23rd June 2015. In a photo booth. A photo booth we have been going to together since we have been in this relationship. 

There is something so delightful and touching knowing he planned to propose in a way that is not only captured in a photo for the rest of time, but also that he thought to do it in a place and during an activity we very much enjoy together. Couple that with the fact I had absolutely no inkling that the proposal was coming - a colleague of mine did ask me the day before what we were doing and asked if I thought he would, and I said I didn't think so!
Our anniversary morning started like any other, we exchanged cards, got ready and headed into London for a fancy breakfast at the Wolsey. Fella did very well considering he said he could barely eat his breakfast because he felt so nervous. We then hopped on a tube to Shoreditch, and headed to Rough Trade East. 
I was babbling along quite merrily, completely unaware of the inner terror and excitement that was taking place in Dan's mind. I think it all started to get a bit much for him when we arrived, and there was a family already inside the booth. He bought tokens for 3 rounds of pictures and said it was because it was a good deal. When the family were finally finished he herded me into the booth, and quickly put in the first token. Thus, the first picture taken of me was mid blink, we were totally unprepared. Needless to say, unless you know me very well you will not be seeing that picture!
Immediately after he said 'Now kiss my cheek', so I closed my eyes and puckered up, The camera flashed and I opened my eyes to quickly change to a different pose and my eyes clamped on a box her was holding. A red, velvet ring box. I think I stopped breathing, (and the thought raced through my head 'that had better not be earrings in that box' because that is totally something Dan would do to me!) and he opened the box, all with one hand I might add, the boy has skillz because by that point he was the only thing holding me up from sliding onto the floor in shock.
My exact words when I could form them were 'Are you f****** kidding me?!' while clinging on to his back (I was sat on his lap in the booth) for dear life. I think I stared at it not comprehending what that moment signified for what felt like forever for both Dan and I remember thinking over and over 'that's an engagement ring, he's proposing to me!'. 
Eventually, Dan prompted me, 'Will you marry me? to which I replied 'Yes!' while still not believing it was actually happening as he slipped the ring on my finger. 

He chose an emerald and diamond 18ct gold ring, and he certainly knows my taste! Bonus points for noticing that I mainly wear gold and going with the right material. I was born in May, and emerald is my birth stone - as green is also my favourite colour I had always dreamed of an emerald engagement ring, which my Mama and Step-mum were both aware of, so thank you to both of them for steering him in the right direction! Credit where credit is due, Dan knew what he wanted to propose to me with, and it just goes to show how very well he knows me, and how in sync we are. I'm so lucky. 

We left the photo booth and went to a bar nearby to have a drink to celebrate and call our loved ones to tell them the news. Turns out everyone knew, except me! Dan had asked for Papa's permission back at the beginning of April when we went to Bruges with him and my Step-mum. He asked my mum about a month before he proposed. My parents both said it was such a hard secret to keep, and are absolutely thrilled for us. I kept staring at my left hand in complete shock. I like to think I can read Dan like a book, but he well and truly kept me in the dark this time!
I can't wait to call Dan my Husband. He is my best friend, and I can't imagine a better person to walk through life with. 

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