41. The Learn by Tony Halker

Friday 30 September 2016

"Two thousand years before the Romans came, women and men of Britain worshipped the Goddess while developing their technology and culture. Working stone and building trails for their livestock, they made metal, pots and works of beauty. With purpose and endurance, they harnessed nature, laying foundations for a Celtic Druid culture that would spread through what are now England, Wales, Ireland and Europe."

I'm going to start by saying this book was not my cup of tea. I adore historical fiction, and while I did really find exploring a new era interesting, I just couldn't connect to the story. I really enjoyed how passionate Halker is about his subject matter, you can instantly tell this is someone who lives and breathes the Bronze age, and for this part he really did set the scene well. I also liked the conflicting clans and their beliefs, something that is still reflected in modern society to this day. Interpretation is different for everyone, and if a certain clan didn't understand or agree with the lore of another there was a very real risk of a fall out. 

Unfortunately I need more than setting to appeal to me, and I couldn't connect to any of the characters. Perhaps it is because in 250 pages there was nothing that made me immediately grab hold of a specific character, which I need to really enjoy the journey of the story. While only 250 pages, it did feel longer due to Hanley's writing style. I don't think it is a bad writing style, as I said he set the scene very well, but for me it just dragged on in the wrong places too many times. I wasn't invested in it. I think because there is so much information to pack into the pages about the way of life to make the reader understand it almost has a negative effect. 

If anything, I was far more interested in the story of Owayne's mother and father. That for me was more interesting, although I did enjoy learning of the Bronze Age religion and deities. Trying to keep track of the different names and clan names was also a negative for me, but that is just me being picky. 

If you are partial to fiction of the Bronze Age/Celt/Roman era I think this would be the right book for you, alas it was not for me. 

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Rating: 3/5

Thank you to Authoright who sent me a copy of The Learn in exchange for an honest review. 

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