14. Richard III: Leicester's Cash Cow

Tuesday 26 November 2013

When I logged on to Twitter moments ago I was not expecting to see the news that the Judicial Review over the re-internment of Richard III to be postponed until next year.
Are you kidding me? I simply can't believe they are going to drag this out even more than it has been. 

My own feelings remain the same - the main reason I oppose Leicester for the burial site is because they intend to dig him back up and carry out further tests on his bones. Don't even get me started on the fact that they kept him in a cardboard box under a disused kettle either. Or that Leicester Cathedral won't consider working with the plans drawn up by the Richard III Society to create a tomb fitting for Richard. 
Rebury him with the appropriate Medieval Catholic service, in a worthy tomb, and leave him buried. Let him rest. You do not need to dig him back up. How would you like someone digging your earthly remains back up to carry out intermittent testing? 
Over time I have slowly come to the conclusion that it's great that Leicester has reacted so strongly to keep 'their King' (even though he's everyone's king...), although part of me still feels they only want him because others want to take him away from Leicester and all the attention this would bring, and bury him elsewhere. 
I wish they would find the room in Westminster Abbey to bury him alongside Anne Neville, although I suppose they'd also feel it was quite awkward to have the alleged remains of his two nephews he allegedly ordered to be murdered (again, no actual proof without testing the remains of the 'princes'). Although they don't actually know the exact location that Anne is buried in either, so I can appreciate the headache that would cause. 
If they do get the burial rights, it won't be at my second or third desired place. I will be disappointed, but it's not the end of the world. If anything, I'm just looking forward to not seeing my Twitter feed clogged with moany so and so's who sit there and complain about what a waste of money the whole thing is, and how no one cares about where he is buried, which I beg to differ because this whole situation wouldn't be ongoing, no? 
Had there been a proper review of the license as an application for burial, rather than the Ministry of Justice just granting it without any second thought. Had that been handled correctly there would not have been such a backlash against Leicester's burial plans. 
What do you think? Is it all utter nonsense and we should just bury him sooner rather than later? York or Leicester? 
So many arguments still ongoing about this incredibly controversial character from our history. I have to admit, I love it, for all the trouble it's causing!

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