06. Skincare

Anyone who knows me will know that I have ridiculously sensitive skin. I'm allergic to every other washing powder/capsules other than Fairy - even eco friendly brands send my skin into an angry rash as I found last summer. I can't use face paints either. During my second week of university I had a major allergic reaction after using the communal launderette, which had quite old washing machines. Certain brands of fake tans also react badly with my skin too, and as a result I stopped using them the year before last, opting to embrace my pale skin tone instead. It's less hassle too. I never thought I suited the fake tan as it is. 

I also suffer from a backwards 'T-Zone' - i.e. instead of being oily and prone to break outs I'm extremely dry skinned in that area. Whenever I explain this to people on beauty counters they look at me like I'm mad, and tell me it's not possible. Excuse me, but I've been living with it for the last twenty one years, I think I would know. My mother started me on Clinique when I started secondary school. As a life long user of the products she knew it would be best for my ever so sensitive, teenage skin. She has fantastic skin, and although she is 47, she gets told she looks like she's in her early 30s. I'm hoping that because I started looking after my skin at a young age, I will in turn age like her. I hope. I try to drink lots of water, and eat healthily to keep my skin in a healthy condition. 

In my facial skin care routine I've changed over to using a Ren Micro-bread and Jojoba exfoliator as it's the most gentle exfoliator I've come across. I bounce between using the Ren Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream for Sensitive Skin and Neal's Yard Power Berry Daily Moisturiser after trying out a freebie I got with a magazine. I'd highly recommend the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and Instant Boost Skin Tonic - I moved onto this a couple of years ago and I've never looked back. 

This also means that certain make up brands can react horrendously with my skin - such as Rimmel and Maxfactor, especially the foundations. I currently wear Estee Lauder Double Wear in Shell, which surprisingly doesn't dry me out as long as I thoroughly moisturise before I put it on. Sometime I mix it with a bit of moisturiser if my skin is particularly dry that day. 

Recently, I ran out of Bio Oil, and being the strapped for cash student that I am I needed to look for a cheaper moisturiser to hold me over until my next pay day. I decided to try the new Vaseline 'Sheer Infusion' body moisturiser. The shop assistant in Boots told me that it was designed to work like facial moisturiser, in the way that it sunk into all layers of the skin. As it was on a promotion because it was new, I decided to give it a go.

I was pleasantly surprised when I started using it - my skin feels so soft and hydrated, more so than it has done in a while. I'd even go as far to say it did more for my skin in terms of hydration than Bio Oil does at times. I think I'm definitely going to continue using it, and just bulk buy the sheer infusion moisturiser from now on and see how I get on with it in the long run. I'm really happy with the results so far - and it has such a subtle, but refreshing smell. I highly recommend it. 

I had my hair dyed the other day. I previously had a dark red/auburn colour but longed to go a more copper tone. After begging my mother for months and months she finally gave in. The beauty of having a mother who is a hair dresser is that I've always had whatever I want hair wise (within reason at least) and I've never had to pay for a hair cut in my life. The downside is I dye my hair so much that it's probably in terrible condition. I will post photos of the process tomorrow before I disappear offline for a few days to enjoy the company of my mother and some old friends. 

Before I do disappear for a bit - I'd like to reccommend you check out this blog/online magazine: ELEMENTS MAGAZINE - I could gush about them in this entry for ages and still not do them justice. As described by themselves "Elements Magazine is different as we aim to publish thought-provoking news and stories, focusing on movies, music and fashion. We may or may not post the latest news, only those that we believe in. Spearheaded by a team of three based in Malaysia, Elements will be a force to be reckoned with." - I love them for not following what is seen as strictly fashionable. It's very refreshing. 

Until then, ciao my friends! x

05. Hunting for a Maid of Honor Gown

On September 8th 2010 my father is getting married. I've got my dress - I found it in one of my favourite vintage shops - The House of Pandora in Cheltenham. I popped in, and as always, when I explain what I'm looking for they always deliver and give me lots of great options or suggestions. I decided I wanted a pale green dress, and I wanted it to be either a wiggle dress or floor length and romantic.

I just fell in love with it when I tried it on. I bought that belt I wearing with it too - but obviously, not to wear to the wedding! I need to get it taken in at the bust - the original owner was a bit more well endowed than I am it seems. My accessories are going to be pearl. Now I'm just trying to find the accessories and shoes to go with the dress, as well as deciding how to wear my hair - I'm thinking either a loose up-do, or just wear it down and naturally curly. 

The biggest problem I'm having at the moment is finding shoes. My dad's girlfriend said she bought some for me, but if I don't like them not to worry. I already have an idea of what I don't like and what I like and want to buy. Since they said I had full control over what I wear - I don't want satin shoes, or a clumpy heel, and no - absolutely NO diamante detail on the shoe on the shoe. As the colours of the wedding are this kind of green and a pale, pale pink and white - I'm thinking either shoes to match the dress, or a nice pale nude coloured pair with a killer heel. 

I'm hoping I'll find something when I go home for just over a week on Thursday this week - which I literally cannot wait for! Home cooking, my beloved double bed, friends and my cat. All the sites I've looked at online haven't really inspired me much. If you have any suggestions for nude coloured high heeled shoes that aren't ridiculously expensive, that I could wear again, please let me know! I'm thinking either a peep toe or closed round toe - something to encase my feet. I really don't like feet, so I'm avoiding strappy sandal kind of heels - they never give my enough support on my feet. 

I keep seeing this advert on television at the moment. I think it's so adorable. I love the colours and the way it's been shot as well.

Ciao. x


04. Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my mother and stepmother! It's a shame I'm so far away from them at the moment. I called my mum to inquire after the card I sent her, and she hasn't received it, which is odd - I sent one to my stepmother on the same day and she received it the day after. If it doesn't get there it'll be another epic fail by Royal Mail. Nice one. 

What is it about some Sundays that make them seem to drag on endlessly? I'm all for lazy Sundays, don't get me wrong. It's just todays seems to feel like a day where no one in my house can be bothered to do anything. Lucy's boyfriend, the father of the house is cooking us a Sunday roast today. Mmm yummy.

I suppose you can think of it being like the calm before the Irish storm. By this, I mean 'Gold Cup Week', which begins on Tuesday. Cheltenham practically becomes a mini Ireland. If you live/work/study in Cheltenham you have to give yourself a good hour before you'd normally leave to come into the town because it's chock-a-bloc on the roads. 

My first year here was a definite eye opener. I've never seen anything like it! It's good for business though, especially in light of the recession. As well as my other job, I'm working a few days at the race course just to earn a bit of extra pocket money. I'm quite looking forward to having the extra bit of money next month. I'm going to save it until I see something I really want to buy. 

I saw a pair boots in Company Magazine's High Street Edit - they're from Faith, and are on trend in the style of workmen's boots. We're not getting them in until May time, which is a bit frustrating. If I can get them on my discount, then it's better than dropping £60-£70 odd quid on the ones in River Island or TopShop. Grr. I guess I'll just have to keep my eye out for a cheaper pair to hold me over until they come in. Joys. I hate it when this happens. I'm thinking of getting these instead. My manager has them, and they look better on than on the website. Gorgeous:
I bought this dress from TopShop the other day:

And I have my eye on these beautiful gem's from TopShop for the next few months as well:
For me, they've got some really gorgeous nude coloured dresses in this month. Out of everywhere I've looked on the high street, TopShop and French Connection have the best nude dresses. I like New Look and Dorothy Perkins, but prefer them for basics, unless they release a dynamite dress - as they tend to do once in a while. I'm a bit of a high street snob. 

You might be wondering what my entry title has to do with this entry at all. Bare with me, I am getting to it.

Dragonheart is on ITV2, and it has Jason Isaccs in it, and David Thewlis. Now, the former and latter are both one of my all time older man crushes. I adore Jason Isaccs and Alan Rickman. I'm pretty sure they're ultimately it for me. Forget about RPatz, it's all about the more vintage gentleman. Something about the way they speak make me go all tingly, in a good way. Interesting to note that they both play stellar villains, and are in the Harry Potter series funnily enough. Well something has to make Emma Watson's over the top eyebrows worth while. 
..Phwoarr.. I don't think I've ever been envious of a bathtub before!

I'm off to watch the rest of Sex and the City with my housemates - and on the above note, Chris North is a beautiful looking man too. 

Ciao! x


03. Socks, Shoes & Tulle

I was watching The Duchess the other day, and fell completely and utterly in love with the costumes and the soft colour pallet used in it again. I especially like how the costume designer accessorized everything. Although women of the time had to endure horrific corsets, I am very jealous of the beautiful dresses the richer ladies of the time were lucky to wear!
I have a sneaking suspicion that this is going to influence my spring outfits.

A slightly belated outfit post today - from my outfit yesterday.

I bought some knitted socks reminiscent of the socks girls wear in primary school. You know the kind, normally white with little holes dotted all over them. I used to love mine. TopShop have some in store at the moment, I bought a pair in a beige/nude colour.

I've been wanting to incorporate socks with shoes since I saw them on the Burberry runway. I think when done right, they can really compliment an outfit. As it's still quite fresh outside, although lovely and sunny, it also means I can wear strappy shoes while still having warm feet. Brilliant. Who said fashion had to be uncomfortable? I think this may be my favourite trend yet.

I went for full on girlie girl with the outfit - a pale pink dress from H&M that I was bought for Christmas by my stepmum, and layered underneath the dress I wore I lace top I bought from TopShop about two years ago. I wore it the death when I first bought it, but it ended up lost in my piles of tops I never seem to wear these days. Breaking it out and wearing it after so long felt really good.
I seem to be wearing my work shoes 27/7 at the moment - when I get paid I might buy another pair with my discount. I really like them. I think they worked really well with the socks too.

I'm going to the cinema tonight to watch Alice in Wonderland 3D with my friend Emily. I've heard mixed responses about it, so I'm intrigued to see how I'll take to it. I adore most of the cast, so I'm hopeful I will like it. I'm not paying for 3D glasses when I still have some from seeing Avatar in 3D. I'm not made of money Cineworld!

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