21. 2015

Thursday 15 January 2015

2014 reawakened dreams long forgotten. 2015 is my year to live what I love, and to achieve my dreams, as cheesy as it sounds, only I can do this for myself, with hard work and dedication. 

I decided to hold back on posting my first post of 2015 as I wanted to have time to mull over what I really want this space to become, and how I'm going to get there. I needed to pick realistic goals that really will work for me, and my lifestyle. The following goals are going to help me focus on what is going to help me get there.

1. Find a realistic blogging schedule - not only will this help me schedule my posts easier, but I won't feel that I HAVE to post because I haven't in a while. I find when this happens my content feels rushed, and my heart isn't really in it, and what is the point in that? I started blogging because it was a fun outlet, and I was passionate about what I was blogging about. Somewhere along the way that got lost, which leads me on to my next point...

2. Content - I feel like my content has jumped all over place in the last year. While I still enjoy expressing myself through fashion/clothes, no longer working in that environment has seen a decline in the interest in that. How refreshing it is not to be around temptation all day! I have dabbled briefly in reviewing historical fiction, which I have really enjoyed but due to timing and other commitments I found I was not able to review the books being sent to me as often as I would like. 

So what will be on the menu for 2015? I am going to continue to focus my interest in History / Historical Fiction & Adaptations / Lifestyle based content / My progress as I train to become a Cathedral Guide. 

Knowing the content I want to focus on will ensure that I will create varied posts, but still follow the same guidelines each time.

3. I would really like to have a refresh of the style and layout of this blog but it works fine as it is so far ( I do intend to do some minor tweaking here and there), a blog redesign is on the horizon, but possibly not until the middle/end of this year, which links into a big lifestyle change...

4. Spending ban - I am a notorious spendthrift and impulsive shopper and it really does have to stop. I don't need most of the things that end up taking up precious space in my flat, therefore I have to impose a ban. Fella and I are currently saving for a deposit (gulp!) and as we are tired of renting, and want something more secure this year will be all about being frugal and thrifty to ensure we can save as much as possible. Exceptions to this will be necessary items - specific skin cream as my skin is very dry and very sensitive.

5. Kindness - I always feel that kindness is something that has become massively overlooked in this day and age. We have to be kinder to each other, it really does cost nothing. That one random act of kindness can completely change another person's outlook that day, so pay it forward where you can, think of others, and remember that your attitude in situations dictate the reaction you are going to receive. 

I also think it is important to be kinder to ourselves. I have felt so burnt out since the middle half of last year, and part of that is because I haven't made the time for myself or I haven't been taking care of myself in general. 2015 will be the start of a massive change, I'm going to pay more attention to what I'm putting into my body and start eating as healthy as possible. Setting a strict bedtime where I don't sit on my phone or iPad for half an hour/an hour is also a priority - I need to start associating bedtime with unwinding, shutting off and getting a good nights sleep. This will ensure I am bright eyed and bushy tailed for the following day, and able to give 100%. 

6. Do more of what you love - It really is true that what interests you is food for the soul, and I fully intend to ensure I am serving myself as many dishes of what drives and inspires me. I am not going to let what other people think worry me, or that I should be using is space as other bloggers are - where is the originality in that? I think we become obsessed with how other bloggers have/are growing and feel both competition/pressure/jealousy/despair if our space isn't growing in the same way and it really needs to stop. 

That should not be why you are blogging. You should be blogging for yourself, and if some likeminded people happen to join you on your journey? That's lovely! Just don't get sucked into obsessing over followers/analytics/page views. Remember why you wanted to start your little corner of the Internet, what you wanted your message to be and put your all into it, and it will flourish. 

I'm really excited to start this journey, and do hope you will join me.

Do you have any specific goals or resolutions for 2015? I'd love to hear about them! 


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