20. Becoming a Cathedral Guide

Saturday 21 June 2014

Things have been very quiet on the blog front lately. I was doing so well but work got very busy and something had to give. I had no energy to think about anything creative, and I wanted to just read a book and get lost in it for a few hours and not have to think about it too much.   

Sometimes you just need to give yourself a little break. I'm glad I did. I have come back to my blog revived and inspired. I know I'm a sporadic poster most of the time, and that if I want to maintain regular blog posts I do have to plan in advance, therefore I'm making sure I give myself a window of time for post planning. I intend to stick to it this time. 

I'm in the process of writing reviews for the most recent books I have read, however I thought my first post in a while should be to share a piece of good news that has come to me recently. 

I live in Saint Albans, and love that it is a place of so much history, especially the vital roles it has played during the Wars of the Roses - my favourite period in history for sure! Tied directly to this is Saint Albans Cathedral. I have previously written a post detailing interesting facts of the Cathedral, and I absolutely love wandering around and getting lost for a few hours. With that in mind, I recently applied, and was interviewed to train to become a Cathedral Guide and I was successful!

I'm so excited. I am training in my own time, with classes and a mentor provided. It is a voluntary position but it will bring me such inner joy to be sharing the history of the Cathedral that is a living and breathing part of my community, and the period of time that I am so passionate about. I am thankful for all those around me who kept their fingers crossed, and whose joy and excitement was clear when I was offered a place on the course. 

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