31. Hello November....

Tuesday 3 November 2015

It's no secret that Autumn and Winter are my favourite time of year. The crisp chill in the air, the crunch of leaves beneath booted feet, all the while wrapped up in a voluminous tartan scarf sipping on a steaming cup of Lady Grey - what's not to love?

My anxiety has been very bad the last few months, however I feel really rejuvenated, and that I've got more control than I have done over the past months, both in my personal and professional life. 
It caused a block, and was not allowing me to fully enjoy myself, however I am glad to say I have come out of the other end stronger. I feel that I understand my anxiety so much more than I did six months ago. I'm now able to deal with it in a much better manner, and while I do still have my bad days where I want to hide under my duvet until the end of time, I have learnt what I need to do when I get an attack, and as I say above, what has been my triggers. 

Simply put, I need to avoid those triggers as best I can, and that means not putting myself in the situation that causes the stress. Writing it down makes it seem so simple, but I've realised it is about making small, active changes to achieve this goal and a positive result. I've always viewed Autumn and Winter as a time of both an ending and a rebirth, and I very much hope this is the theme that runs through for me. 
To kick start my November posts I'm going to write about happy things, which I hope will be a recurring theme on the blog...

1. Book Fairs - I have recently discovered that there will be a book market in St Albans Town Hall right up until Christmas. Somewhere I can purchase books cheaper than the bookshop and Amazon?! I am all over it! Just don't tell Fella.....
2. Spontaneous Days Out - We rented a car for Fella's older sister's wedding recently. We had it for an additional few days which resulted in taking a trip to Woburn Abbey, and Woburn High Street. It was such a lovely day, bright and fresh with clear blue skies, just enjoying being in the moment.
3.  Writing - Whether it has been keeping a journal for my thoughts, or just putting pen to paper to map out a story, it has been so long since I have felt creatively inclined. I visit Vivatramp's blog regularly to try the writing prompts, which have really been helping to fuel my imagination. 

4. Friends - Friends are the family we choose, so the saying goes. I really feel this is true. I caught up with a few of my old housemates and celebrated my engagement with them. It was lovely, and really does go to show how easily people can slot back into your life. We've promised to see more of each other and I'll be having them over to attend the St Albans Christmas Market which I'm oh so very excited about.  My friends have been one of my pillars of strength throughout this rough period I've been experiencing, and I really cannot thank each and everyone enough for their love and support. It means the world to me. 

5. Enjoying our home - As the colder months draw in, and the evenings become dark so much quicker I'll be spending a lot more time in the flat. I love nothing more than snuggling down into a warm blanket, cashmere bed socks to keep my icy feet warm, with a book, or catching up on our favourite series. We've been slowly adding to our furnishings around the flat, and although it is rented accommodation, it's really becoming somewhere that is so personal to Fella and I. 

6. Catching up with Favourite Blogs - We all have them, and I have especially loved catching up with my favourite blogs Vivianna Does Makeup, SamanthaMariaOfficial, Lily Pebbles, Karina Reads, Matthew Lewis, Meandering Through Time, Beloved EleanorViva Tramp, Kate La Vie, and Little Winter - I don't always remember to comment, but these are blogs I go back to time and time again.
7. Taking Time Out - I'm on a computer Monday-Friday as part of my job, so it follows that when I get home in the evening I'm partially burnt out, and need to take time away from electronics. This includes my phone, iPad and Macbook. I've been trying to go for evening walks, having a relaxing bubble bath, treating myself to having my nails done or even playing Scrabble with Fella to encourage down time. I am fortunate enough to have quiet periods in the week were I can plan posts now, as well as during my commute, which means I'm, not half heatedly trying to create content at the end of my 40 hour week. 

8. Getting excited for Christmas - It's three days into November, I can officially talk about Christmas now, and this makes me SO happy! I'm excited to go to the Liberty Christmas Shop and add to my decoration collection. It's always like entering a magical grotto delight, definitely a must visit place for the months to come! 

What are you excited for this November?

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